Consultation Types and Associated Fees


1. Initial Comprehensive Consultation ($ 750)


2. Remote "Second opinion" Consultation via Skype/Phone ($ 750)

  • Second opinion consultations are appropriate for individuals who are already under the care of a physician and wish a second opinion on their diagnosis, or treatment plan (or both). To determine if a patient qualifies for a remote consultation, the REMOTE APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM must be completed as a first step.

  • Submission of blood tests, biopsy results (if done), and photos will be required prior to our office confirming if a remote consultation can be offered. 

  • If permission for a remote consultation is granted, completion of a Comprehensive medical questionnaire pertaining to hair loss pertaining to hair loss is required. 

  • Remote consultations are NOT the appropriate type of consultation for individuals wishing to become long term patients of Dr. Donovan and have periodic evaluation. In these situations, patients must be seen at the Vancouver centre first.


3. Follow-up Appointments ($ 650)

  • A 20-30 minute private consultation with Dr. Donovan at the Vancouver office. For some patients, this follow up may be done remotely via phone or skype if an in person consultation is not possible. 

  • Full review of medications, side effects, progress to date,  dermatoscopic scalp and review of any blood tests. In some situations, the follow up appointment may be conducted by phone, Skype or FaceTime for patients living far from the centre. This method of follow up is generally ONLY possible for patients with androgenetic alopecia, hair shedding abnormalities and patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata who are under the primary care of another physician.

  • Modification of treatment plan as appropriate, including more aggressive treatments in those not responding and removal/reduction of treatments (where appropriate) for patients showing improvement.

  • Follow up appointments range in intervals from 3 months to 3 years, depending on the primary diagnosis of the patient's hair loss.  Patients with androgenetic alopecia are typically seen every 12-15 months. Patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata are typically seen for full review every 4-6 months  (injections may be performed in between appointments every 2-3 months for some patients). Patients with hair shedding issues are typically seen every 6-9 months. Children with genetic syndrome may be seen every 2-5 years.


4. Scalp Biopsy ($ 475)

  • A scalp biopsy is required for only a minority of patients, typically in cases where scarring alopecia is questioned and where unusual forms of alopecia areata might be present. 

  • The fee includes both the procedure and the biopsy professional reading fee by the dermatopathologist.


5. Steroid Injections ($ 200)

  • A 10 minute visit for steroid injections for patients with scarring alopecias and alopecia areata

  • Steroid injections are typically done every 6-16 weeks depending on the diagnosis and activity of the patient's specific condition. For example, a patient with active alopecia areata may have infections every 6 weeks whereas a patient with relatively quiet CCCA or LPP/FFA may have injections every 16 weeks.  


5. Platelet rich plasma injections ($ 1500 per treatment)

  • PRP treatments are typically 60 minute in duration and reserved for patients with androgenetic alopecia and less commonly alopecia areata.

  • Patients must be evaluated by Dr. Donovan before entering the PRP treatment program. 

  • PRP treatments are typically done 3-4 times per year.

  • Fees: $1500 per session; $ 2800 for a 2 session package; $5500 for a 4 session package. 


6. Prescription Renewal - $ 45

  • Prescription renewals on an every other year basis are possible for men receiving finasteride (or dutasteride) whose hair loss is stable. Patients receiving other types of medications need to be seen in the office to ensure the medication is safe and further treatment is indeed warranted. Patients requesting refills for finasteride or dutasteride may do so by completing the online link for refills.

  • Patients requesting refills for topical steroid, Protopic, Elidel or oral immunosuppressants must be seen in the office to determine whether further treatment is warranted. Refills can not be provided without an appointment. Dr. Donovan provides enough medication to last until the time of the appropriate follow up. 


7. Hair Collections - $ 95 per collection  

  • Hair collections are performed by patients for assessing hair shedding abnormalities - especially assessing androgenetic alopecia vs telogen effluvium and for following patients with telogen effluvium. Hairs are collected by patients at home and assessed and analyzed by our team. Hair numbers and lengths are measured and individual hairs are counted. The ratio of long hairs to short (3 cm) hairs (terminal hairs to short vellus) provides and total number of hairs provides valuable information on the patient's underlying diagnosis and response to treatment.  

  • Please allow 6 weeks for processing. 

  • Download the Order Form. 



a) Local tax (5%) is collected on the above fees.

b) Dr. Donovan's clinic is private.  Our clinic does not participate in the provincial health plan in the province of British Columbia and Dr. Donovan does not bill funds through the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Patients with separate health insurance (i.e. work related insurance or other insurance), may wish to contact their individual insurance companies to discuss whether a portion or all of the appointment related fees will be covered prior to their appointment with Dr. Donovan


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