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MU25™ Program

One of the World's First Programs Specifically Designed for Men with Early Onset MPB 

MU25™ Program

The MU25™ is a highly unique program designed specifically for men under 25 years of age who are experiencing hair loss.  We developed the program following careful evaluation of hair loss patterns, hairline changes, and response to therapy of over 650 men with early-onset male pattern balding. 

MU25™ is one of the world's first programs to recognize and address the needs and concerns of the young man with male pattern balding. The MU25™ program offer advice on the appropriate timing of hair transplant surgery, appropriate advice on non-surgical options for hair loss including use of low level laser therapy (LLLT) as well as advice on health issues known to be relevant to the young man with early-onset male balding.


Early-onset Male Pattern Balding (MPB)

10 % of all men will develop genetic hair loss in their 20s. Emotionally, this can be extremely distressing and 'quick-fixes' are sought by many men. Many young men seek out hair transplantation as an option for improving their hair density, but surgical options are rarely, if ever, a good option for a man in his early 20s. Most men in their early 20s are not good candidates for hair transplantation. 

Some men may become good hair transplant candidates later in their 20s or 30s. However, contrary to intuition, some men never become good candidates for hair transplantation. It can often be a mistake for a young man to get a hair transplant too early.

Recent research has shown that men with early onset male pattern balding may be at increased risk for heart disease later in life - including increased risk for various factors that contribute to heart disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.  These issues have largely been ignored by hair clinics and specialists around the world. 

The MU25™ Program at Donovan Medical was specifically designed to help guide young men affected by early onset MPB with decisions on appropriate surgical and non surgical treatments as well as advice on ways to monitor and ultimately reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. This unique and innovative program is the first of its kind in the world.


Four Components of the  MU25™ Program

All patients meet one-on-one with Dr Donovan during their first consultation. Consultations are typically 30 minutes in duration.  The Four components of our program include:


1.  Normal Hairline "Maturation" vs  True "Balding"

During the consultation, the concept of normal hairline maturation will be reviewed.

What are the features of the normal male hairline?

What happens during hairline maturation?




2.  Non-surgical options, including platelet rich plasma & low level laser therapy.

What are all the non surgical options available to me? How well do they work?

What low level laser options are possible?

What is platelet rich plasma therapy?


3. Hair transplantation options.

When will I be a candidate for hair transplantation (1-2 years? 5 years? 10 years?)

Is FUE or strip procedures (i.e. FUSS) right for me?

Should I have a procedure before my baldness is more noticeable or wait until later?


4. Cardiovascular Health

Does my early onset balding put me at greater risk for heart problems later in life?

Does my early onset balding put me at greater risk for diabetes later in life?

Does my early onset balding put me at greater risk for high blood pressure later in life?

Does my early onset balding put me at greater risk for high cholesterol later in life?

What blood tests should I do now? 

What other health risks should I know about now? 

What diet should I follow?


MU25™ Program - Consultation Fees

The fees in the MU25 Program are $ 650 plus tax.




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