You are likely reading this page because you have been asked to perform a hair collection. This collection is EASY to do, but MUST be done the way it is outlined below. Some patients want to send us hairs that have fallen in shower drain, or hairs they see on their pillow. This is not an acceptable means. 

Hair collections must be done exactly as described below. 

Please follow the instructions below.


1. First, choose a day of the week that you'll do you "HAIR COLLECTION TEST." That is the first step. Look at the calendar and circle the day you wish to devote to doing your test. 

2. Next, shampoo your hair everyday for three days before doing your collection 'test'. For example, if you decide are going to do the "HAIR COLLECTION TEST" on Thursday ..... then shampoo your hair Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

3. On the day of the 'test' (before your shower), brush your hair forward for 120 seconds starting at the very back and then brushing forward. 

4. Brush the hair over a white pillow case (or towel of contrasting colour) so that you can see the hair.

5. Place all the hairs that "fall out" onto the pillow case into a ziplock bag and write the date on the bag. 

6. Repeat this again in 2 weeks if you like - generally Dr. Donovan likes having two samples. 

7. Mail your sample to the Vancouver office. 


Donovan Hair Clinic - Whistler

4370 Lorimer Road

Suite 334B

Whistler, BC

V0N 1B4


**** Allow 4-6 weeks for processing ****




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