What happens when my appointment goes beyond 45 minutes? 


New appointments are generally 35 minutes in duration but rarely run to 45 minutes. Dr. Donovan reserves the right to stop an appointment if it exceeds one hour (60 minutes). This would be considered a rare occurrence in our clinic. Follow up appointments are typically 20-25 minutes. Dr. Donovan reserves the right to stop a follow up appointment if it exceeds 40 minutes.

We understand that there is a lot of cover during the appointment. For this reason, we ask that patients come prepared and we, in turn, give our promise that we'll be prepared. We ask that patients submit blood tests results, biopsies, ahead of time to our office and complete the patient questionnaire ahead of time as well as well. 

It's rare in our clinic that any patient actually feels rushed. That's not how our clinic is set up. However, on rare occasions, it may be necessary to stop an appointment if it is running beyond the allotted time.

Dr. Donovan aims to run a practice which runs on time and does not keep other patients waiting. We understand that there is much to cover. We rarely need to enforce any type of policy on appointment times, but please note that we have had patient appointments that have run 1.5 to even 2 hours in the past. Sometimes an appointment runs over the allotted time due to the complexity of the actual hair loss case, and other times it is due to patients wishing to ask many questions and discuss their case with Dr. Donovan.

Dr. Donovan endeavors to answer all questions – however never at the expense of the next patient who is waiting. Please note that it may be necessary to stop an appointment if it is running over the allotted time. This is not meant to be rude, disrespectful, discourteous in any manner, but simply to respect the time of the next patient who is waiting. Many of our patients in the office have other appointments/meetings to attend, parking that will soon expire, planes to catch, or children to pick up. We do our utmost to run on time in this office.

If a situation requires that an appointment be stopped because it is running over, the following measures are taken:


a)    Any additional questions that the patient has can be forwarded to our office by email, fax or letter and Dr. Donovan will answer them within 3 business days.

b)    A detailed letter regarding the patient’s medical history, details of their hair loss, and treatment recommendations will be sent to the patient and to the patient’s doctor (if the patient wishes) within 3 weeks of the appointment. 









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