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Booking an Appointment in Whistler, BC

If you would like to book an in person consultation with Dr. Donovan in Whistler, please begin by completing our “Consult Request Form”. While we are happy to answer any questions by phone that you might have, we do not make appointments over the phone. Contacting the office by phone does not bypass the need to complete the “Consult Request Form.” This is a requirement for all patients.

We make appointments only for patients who have completed the necessary requirements (which are outlined in the “How do become a patient of Dr Donovan”) Once you complete the Consult Request Form, our office will usually contact you by e-mail very quickly (within 1-2 business days) to advise you of the additional requirements we need in order for Dr Donovan to determine if he can accept you as a patient or not.  Our current wait time for appointments with Dr. Donovan is between 3-4 months. We will do our best to accommodate appointments per the urgency provided on the consultation request form. Please start with the Consult Request Form below as your first step in reaching out to our office.

Remote consultations (for a second opinion only) are available by phone or Skype for those living outside of our Whistler centre but may not be appropriate for all patients and we not be able to accept a request that does not meet our criteria.  To determine if you qualify for a second opinion consultation, please complete the following SECOND OPINION REMOTE CONSULTATION REQUEST FORM. Current consultation fees can be found under the "Our Practice" Tab. 


Donovan Medical - Whistler (Main Centre)

4370 Lorimer Road - Suite 334B

Whistler, BC

V8E 1A6

Phone: (604) 283-1887

FAX: (604) 648-9003

Email: office@donovanmedical.com



Donovan Medical - Vancouver (Centre for Research Studies and Clinical Trials)

NOTE: If you are a prospective patient with hair loss, please contact the Whistler office (see above) for information about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Donovan. The Vancouver office is an office solely dedicated to clinical research and does not accept new consultations regarding hair loss. If for any reason you are not sure which office you have already been scheduled, simply check your e-mail, or couriered package that clearly outlines the office you will be attending. 


** New patients. If you are a new patient, and do not yet have an appointment date and time booked with Dr. Donovan, please being your formal communication with our office by completing the online form to Request an appointment or e-mail us with questions at office@donovanmedical.com




Phone Reception: Monday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Office Hours: varied, including appointment times outside the above hours.

Note: Dr. Donovan may see patients and conduct phone consultations at times other than the published reception hours so patients should not be concerned if they have a confirmed appointment outside of the 8:30 am to 4:30 pm time slots. For example, an appointment at 6:30 am or 6 pm would not be unusual. Generally speaking, remote consultations for patients outside of Canada are conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

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