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Can't make it to our office this month?

Request a quote by email.


If you would like our office to e-mail you a written quote on the fees associated with your specific hair transplant procedure simply email us your a) current age along with b) five good quality photos at office@donovanmedical.com.


Five photos are required in order for Dr. Donovan to estimate the number of "follicular units" you require for a hair transplant procedure: 

1. Top view (birds eye view of the top of the scalp)

2. Frontal hairline (with hair pushed back)

3. Left side view

4. Right side view

5. Back of the scalp


We'll show your photos to Dr. Donovan and  we'll email you back a written quote within 24 hours. We'll honour the quote for 12 months.


Prefer to meet or speak with Dr. Donovan ?

If you'd prefer to meet with Dr. Donovan in person, or speak via Skype, telephone or FaceTime, click here to set up an appointment.

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