What should I expect during my appointment? 

 A follow up appointment is 20-30 minute private consultation with Dr. Donovan which is more detailed in nature. It allows Dr. Donovan to review the progress made to date and to make changes in the overall treatment plan. For some patients, this follow up may be done remotely via phone or skype if an in person consultation is not possible. 

The follow up appointment typically involves a full review of medications, side effects, progress to date,  dermatoscopic scalp and review of any blood tests. In some situations, the follow up appointment may be conducted by phone, Skype or FaceTime for patients living far from the centre. This method of follow up is generally ONLY possible for patients with androgenetic alopecia, hair shedding abnormalities and patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata who are under the primary care of another physician. The follow up appointment may also involve a modification of treatment plan as appropriate, including more aggressive treatments in those not responding and removal/reduction of treatments (where appropriate) for patients showing improvement.


Frequently Asked Questions about Follow up Appointments


1. How far apart are my visits with Dr. Donovan ?

Follow up appointments range in intervals from 1 month to 3 years, depending on the primary diagnosis of the patient's hair loss.  Patients with androgenetic alopecia are typically seen every 12-15 months. Patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata are typically seen for full review every 4-6 months  (steroid injections may be performed in between appointments every 2-3 months for some patients). Patients with hair shedding issues are typically seen every 6-9 months. Children with genetic syndrome may be seen every 2-5 years.


2. If I'm just coming in for a 'steroid injection' what should I tell the office when booking ?

If you are coming in for a steroid injection appointment, let us know. These appointments are short 5 minute appointments and we'll make sure we have you in and out of the office with minimal delay. Be sure to let us know that you are coming for steroid injections. If you would like to review your treatment plan with Dr. Donovan and  have a more detailed discussion about your medications, a follow up appointment rather than a steroid injection appointment is more appropriate. 



3. Do I need to come in for a follow up or can it be done by phone?

For some types of hair loss, a phone call follow up is acceptable. Please check with our office if this is possible for you specifically and your type of hair loss. Dr. Donovan will  likely ask for an update on your photos.


4. What is the fee for a follow up appointment?

The fee for all follow up appointments is $ 650 + tax. This applies to follow up appointment by phone, skype, FaceTime or in person. The only exception in our practice is the 9 month follow up appointment for patients who have started platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP). There is no fee for this critically important appointment. All other follow up appointments are $ 650.


5. I was started on a treatment by Dr. Donovan and I did not see results. Do I still pay a follow up fee if I wish to see Dr. Donovan?

Yes, there is a fee for all follow up appointments with Dr. Donovan. The fees charged by the clinic are for Dr. Donovan's professional medical advice, not for outcomes. Please note that fees apply regardless of results. We practice hair medicine using the most up to date methods with the best evidence for treating hair loss. However, we don't promise results and never have. At the time of your appointment, Dr. Donovan will inform you of the chances (likelihood) of success.  For example, if a medication has a 40 % chance of increasing hair density, 40 % of our patients will be pleased with their hair growth and 60 % will not. The same follow up fees apply to each patient. Follow up fees are for Dr. Donovan's professional medical advice, not for outcomes. 




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