Minoxidil foam - a once daily application for women


Minoxidil is the first and still the only formally FDA approved treatment for genetic hair loss in women.  Until recently, only the 2% strength received formal approval as a treatment for women. 

Now the 5 % foam has received FDA approval as well as approval by Health Canada for distribution and sale. We know the 5 % foam is just as effective as the 2 % solution (not better) but has the advantage of being used once a day rather than twice per day. Studies have consistently shown that many women prefer the foam formulation over the liquid formulation. 

The product will be over the counter (no prescription). It's not yet widely available in stores, but soon will be. 

Dr. Jeff Donovan is a Canadian and US board certified dermatologist specializing exclusively in hair loss. To schedule a consultation, please call the Whistler office at 604.283.1887

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