Acute Telogen Effluvium: Will my hair grow back or not?

Telogen Effluvium: Hair regrowth

I'm often asked if a patient with acute telogen effluvium will regrow their hair fully in 6-9 months. The answer is neither "yes" nor "no" but rather ... maybe. Hair often regrows very well if the specific "trigger" that caused the shedding in the first place can be identified AND treated properly and fully. These triggers include low iron, thyroid problems, stress, new drugs, diets, and various internal diseases as well.



Telogen Effluvium: Is the the only diagnosis?

But one must always keep in mind that if another hair condition develops in the interim (such as androgenetic alopecia)... the regrowth might not be full and complete after a telogen effluvium. This is especially true in patients with androgenetic alopecia where a telogen effluvium often worsens the underlying androgenetic alopecia such that even when the telogen effluvium resolves the hair does not return to the original density.

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