Dr. Donovan's Daily Hair Loss Blog (2011-2018)





Hair transplantation is an option for treating some types of hair loss.   The following articles discuss the topic of hair restoration surgery.  


A. General Hair Transplant Articles

Hair Transplants in Young Men: A Common Mistake Commonly Done

Poor growth after surgery: Why?

Seven Hair Transplant Myths

Is a hair transplant an option for traction alopecia?

How close can one shave after FUE?

How many days does it take for a graft to 'take'?

Achieving Appropriate Density in Hair Transplantation

Redness After Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplants Before Age 25: Not Usually

Should I get FUT or FUE?

FUE for Women: Is it really preferred ?

Robotic Restoration with ARTAS

Are hair transplants a possibility for scarring alopecia?

Are transplanted hairs really resistant to DHT?

Is there a 'maximum' size of session for HT?

Plugs in Hair Restoration Surgery: A Term No More!

Is FUE better than Strip FUT Methods?

Over harvesting of the Donor Area

FUE Graft Quality

Hair Transplants and Psoriasis: Considerations

Exercise after Hair Transplantation

Options for Males with Poor Donor Hair Density

What does it take to create a brand new eyebrow ?

Can a hair transplant doctor predict balding in a young man?

Hair Transplantation via FUE in Men with Afro-textured hair

Correcting Prior Scarring: What are my options?

How satisfied are patients with body hair transplantation?

Hiccups as a side effect of hair transplantation

Transplanting Stage V and VI Balding: How long between sessions?

FUE for Grey/White Hair

Using the Donor Area Wisely

Minoxidil after Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation into scars

The "Hair Whorl": Transplantation of the Crown in Men

How many hair transplants can a patient have?

FUE in Arfo-textured hair

Am I a candidate for Surgery?

The "Trichophytjc Closure"

Control of Depth in Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplants in "Early Thinning": Things to Think About

The "Surgical Map"

To Dense Pack of Not to Dense Pack

Follicular Units: The Modern Method of Hair Restoration

Hair Transplants: Not Just for Genetic Hair Loss

Hair transplantation using leg hair

Hair transplants for FFA

More women getting hair transplants

Can patients with alopecia areata ever have a hair transplant?

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation

Does one need blood tests before a hair transplant?

Is their a minimum or maximum age for hair transplantation?

Eyebrow transplants: Deceivingly Simple

What determines if a woman is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery?

Can I receive a hair transplant from another person?

Am I a candidate for a hair transplant?

Hair Transplantation into Scars


B.  Donovan Criteria for Hair Transplant Candidacy

The following are Dr. Donovan's criteria for appropriate candidates for hair transplantation:


Folliculitis Decalvans Hair Transplant Candidacy

Lichen Planopilaris Transplant Candidacy

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Transplant Candidacy

Trichotillomania Candidacy: Can a patient with trichotillomania have a hair transplant?  




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