Comments from Participants in November 2016 Course:

  • "Overall excellent course and I feel very, very lucky to have been part. Everything was exceptionally organized and it was thoughtfully put together. Thank you.."

  • I feel very lucky having the chance participating in this course. Absolutely amazing."

  • "I feel extremely comfortable treating very complex hair loss patients and prescribing immunosuppressant medications"

  • "What I liked best were the clinical sessions and discussions about the individual patients as well as the hair transplant procedure observations"


Comments from Participants in April 2016 Course:

  • "The learning in this course has significantly exceeded all my expectations..."

  • "The course was very well organized in all aspects."

  • "Important points to remember were emphasized which was perfect!"

  • "Dr Donovan made learning about hair disorders and treatment interesting and simple"

  • "Intensive week but you don't want to miss anything that he says because they are "must knows"

  • "We were allowed to ask any question and the answers were on point"

  • "We had exposure to different procedures, real patients and learned first hand how Dr Donovan manages patients in the clinic" 

  • "Dr. Donovan is so thorough and good at distilling complicated subjects into useful and applicable information"



Comments from Participants in October 2015 Course:

  • "It was an amazing experience for me and I will recommend it for sure"

  • Excellent teaching and exposure to patients and hair loss treatment techniques. Dr Donovan is an extremely knowledgable clinician/teacher providing an extremely enjoyable and informative course. Highly recommended to fellow physicians!!

  • "I really liked everything - I enjoyed the lectures, PRP and hair transplantation. I think we had 5 productive days."

  • "The experience in learning hair transplant surgery and PRP exceeded my expectations and now I'm very comfortable with counselling patients about doing them and all the options the course presented me."

  • "The lectures were really stimulating and clear, especially because we could discuss a lot about them"

  • "I was made to feel very comfortable to ask questions"


Comments from Participants in the April 2015 Course:

  • "I really like this hair loss course. This course is very useful for every doctor that wants to learn more about hair loss and hair transplantation ... I'm so glad that I joined this course."

  • "I very much appreciate this course."

  • "The course is simply amazing."

  • "I had an excellent time in the Hair Course."

  • I am more confident in diagnosing and counselling patients with hair loss. The course is valuable" 



Comments from Participants in the October 2014 Course:

  • "This is an excellent course which provides a great opportunity to learn about diagnosing and treating hair loss. Exposure to hair transplantation, platelet rich plasma treatment and various clinical cases invaluable. Thank you Dr. Donovan."

  • "The course was exactly what I was hoping for! It has expanded and solidified my knowledge. I feel significantly more confident in seeing patients with hair loss"

  • "Fantastic teacher ... Amazing Course. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


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