Dr. Donovan's Daily Hair Loss Blog (2011-2017)





Hair loss is closely tied in to a patient's self identity and how they feel about themselves. A key part of being a hair loss physician is understanding that there is so much more to losing hair than losing hair.  There are a tremendous number of extremely complex emotions and psychological factors at play in anyone experiencing hair loss.  The following blogs describe some of these issues as well as reflections on some of the non-medical aspects of being a hair loss physician.


ARTICLE 1: Everybody has a story

We as physicians don't always come to know all the details of every patient's story  - but every patient has a story.


ARTICLE 2: The New Normal

Any patient with chronic disease fully understand the definition of the new normal. There is no good definition but it refers to a resetting of some kind of internal mechanism to deal with new changes in how one looks or feels after experiencing a change in his or her health.  


ARTICLE 3: The Uniqueness of Everyone's Hair Loss Story

Each and every patient with hair loss has a unique "story" to share about his of her hair loss. No two people are the same.  


ARTICLE 4: Tout is possible

Despite the odds and despite the statistics, I often remind patients that anything is possible


ARTICLE 5: Recognizing Grief

Few studies have been done on grief in patients with hair loss. Many patients with hair loss grieve according to classic patterns of grieving described by Dr Elisabeth Kugler-Ross some 50 years ago.


ARTICLE 6: Treating Hair Loss is about Logic not Guessing

Just like in a game of chess,  there is logic to planning each phase of treatment.  There is order. There is structure. 


ARTICLE 7: Primum non nocere and the modern S.A.F.E Principle

Primum non nocere closely mirrors a principle that I've shared with medical interns, residents and medical students for many years, namely treating patients in a manner that is "S.A.F.E". Treatments must be safe, affordable, feasible and effective.  


ARTICLE 8: The 8 Most Common Mistakes People Make about their Hair Loss

The 8 most common mistakes people make when it comes to the way patients deal with their hair loss.


ARTICLE 9: Principles of Philosophy: A Closer Look at Occam's Razor and Hickam's Dictum

 "Occam's razor" is a helpful guiding principle. It states that if there are two explanations for an occurrence, we should generally consider the simpler explanation as being the correct one. 'Hickam's dictum" is also a helpful guiding principle. The principle reminds us that a person can have more than one diagnosis and one need not try to explain everything with a single diagnosis.


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