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Why do I need this test?

The purpose of this test is to assess how your body responds to sugar and whether the levels off glucose in your body rise appropriately or inappropriately.  This is to test whether you have diabetes, pre-diabetes or to confirm that you do not have diabetes at all.


How is the test performed?

The test will take place at a local lab so please bring your requisition form to a local lab. When you arrive, a technician will take a blood sample to measure your baseline (starting) glucose level. This section of the test is also called a "fasting blood sugar test".  Then, the healthcare provider will ask you to drink 8 ounces of a syrupy glucose solution that contains 75 grams of sugar. You’ll then wait in the office for two hours. At the two-hour mark, the lab will ask you for another blood sample. Then you will leave the office


What are the risks of the test?

These tests have no serious risks.  You may also feel faint or dizzy from not eating. It’s a good idea to eat right after the test. 

Some people find the glucose drinks difficult to tolerate, especially those with higher levels of sugar. You may experience:

  • nausea

  • stomach discomfort

  • diarrhea 

  • constipation


 How should I prepare for my test?

1. Eat a normal diet in the days leading up to the test

2. 8 hours before the test, you'll need to stop eating any type of food. Drinking water is fine, but juices can not be taken.

3. When you leave for the lab, be sure to take a book or your something to occupy your time as you will be waiting around for 2 hours.  

4. Most labs will do the 2 hour OGTT, but we advise calling ahead to confirm so that you don't show up only to find that that lab you have chosen does not perform the test.


When are results available?

Results will be sent to Dr Donovan within 1 week.






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