Comprehensive Consultations for Women

Whistler Program for Women with Hair Loss

Not sure of the diagnosis of your hair loss? Looking for advice on what treatments to consider next?


Comprehensive Consultations. Comprehensive Advice.

Dr Donovan provides comprehensive consultations for diagnostic and treatment advice in Whistler.  Appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes in duration. Dr. Donovan strongly recommends that patients complete the pre-visit questionnaire prior to their appointment and consider faxing or emailing our office any 1) previous blood test results 2) previous biopsy reports and all pertinent information.  Dr. Donovan will carefully review this information ahead of your appointment. 


Recent Publications by Dr Donovan on Female Hair Loss

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Comprehensive Consultations for Women - Whistler   

In Vancouver, comprehensive consultations are conducted on site at the Donovan Medical Whistler location

Donovan Medical - Whistler

4370 Larimer Road - Suite 334B

Whistler, BC

V0N 1B4

Phone 604.283.1887





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