A comment from Dr. Donovan on the topic of Results. 


If you are directed to this page on our website, it's probably because you had a question or concern about results and whether we promise results. I'm very upfront with patients about the chances of success for any given treatment they start. Some treatments have a very high chance of success, and I would be shocked if a patient did not get a massive improvement. Other treatments have a lower chance of success. 

But one thing is for sure -  we will never promise results.  I would encourage patients to review my Practice philosophy at this time. In addition, Principle 18 of my 21 Principles of Practice reminds us all that results can never be guaranteed. 

I can respectfully yet confidently say that our hair loss clinic sees some of the most complex presentations and types of hair loss anywhere. Uncommon conditions are commonly seen in my office. We will do everything we possibly can that is within the reaches of current biomedical science to get hair growing or stop it from being lost - but we will never promise results. We can not be so bold as to think humans can 'fully' control and navigate how hair follicles grow and don't grow. This approach is simply not correct. It is a wonderful goal for the future, but not a goal that is with us yet.  We will never promise results.  Is it disappointing when a patient does not achieve the results we hoped for? When a patient claims that they expected a whole lot more results? Yes, this is disappointing, but that speaks to the limitations of modern hair medicine.  In 2017, the field of hair medicine has a rudimentary understanding of hair growth mechanisms. This rudimentary knowledge actually gets us pretty far - just not far enough. There are no such things as guarantees for any hair loss condition.  If a patient is given a guarantee at another clinic or another hair centre... I always advise them to go with it!  I would certainly send every one of my patients their too. 

On the flip side,  I achieve success in a good proportion of patients.  It's the success that one can achieve with a methodical and meticulous approach to treating every relevant aspect of a person's health that first drew me to this field of medicine. In my clinic, there are many success stories, touching stories, happy outcomes that leave patients with smiles that help me to keep doing what I'm doing despite some patients not achieving success. I don't promise results. But I promise to do my utmost for my patients. 





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