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Information on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Women


Platelet-rich plasma,  abbreviated as PRP, is increasingly being used in medical treatments around the world. PRP has been used by physicians since the 1990′s in various areas of medicine. PRP is increasingly being accepted as a bona-fide hair loss treatment. PRP treatments involve preparing a small amount of the patient’s own blood into a powerful serum to help initiate hair growth.   It is a non-surgical approach that takes advantage of the  growth promoting components of blood. PRP is rich in numerous growth factors that stimulate hair follicles.  


How is a PRP session conducted?


A single PRP session takes approximately 45-60 minutes. The following steps outline the process:

1. A patient’s blood is taken from the arm similar to getting a blood test

2.The patient’s blood is processed into the platelet fraction and the nutrients in the platelets.

3.The patient’s scalp is "numbed up" with local freezing medications.

4.The platelet rich components (PRP) are injected back into the scalp


What proportion of patient's benefit from PRP?

A recent survey of PRP experts confirmed that approximately 50-70% of patients will experience some degree of improvement. Around 20%-30% will not have improvement. 


When are improvements seen?

Improvements are seen about 4-6 months after the PRP injection session.


How often are PRP sessions repeated?

Every 3-4 months


What is the fee for PRP therapy at Donovan Medical?

$ 1500 + HST (per treatment session).  2 sessions are required to determine if the treatment is helping or not. The first follow up appointment is conducted 9 months after starting and 6 months after the second PRP treatment.


What are the ongoing fees for PRP treatment?

Fees are typically $ 1500 every 4-8 months and fees of $ 650 if the patient requires a longer follow up appointment to discuss issues other than PRP (i.e. other oral or topical treatments, or blood tests or other issues unrelated to the PRP). There is no charge for the follow up appointment conducted at 9 months. The 9 month follow up appointment is conducted by Dr. Donovan and is an important appointment to determine if the treatment is working or not. Once it is determined that the PRP is indeed effective patients return every 4-8 months. Follow up appointments before each PRP treatment are 5-10 minutes in length and may be conducted by Dr. Donovan or his staff.  The purpose of the follow up is to determine if there are any changes to the patient's health or any other circumstances that might necessitate pausing treatment and booking a full 20-30 minute follow up appointment. 


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