Hello DR, Sir suppose a person has genetic hairloss for around last 3 years. If he also has abdominal pain for around last 6 months ,so Is it possible that his abdominal pain can increase/accelerate his genetic hairloss but without causing acute/chronic telogen effluvium?  


Thanks for the question. Before getting started, please be sure to see your physician about the cause of your abdominal pain. There are hundreds of causes of abdominal pain and some are extremely serious. Please get medical advice for your abdominal pain as soon as possible. 

Regarding abdominal pain accelerating genetic hair loss without telogen effluvium - that would be highly unusual.  Most causes of abdominal pain don't give hair shedding. However, of those causes of abdominal pain that give hair loss, it would be expected to give hair shedding too. 

But it all depends on the cause of the abdominal pain and certainly it's not impossible. If you had an androgen secreting tumor in the abdomen that was causing pain, then theoretically an acceleration of genetic hair loss could occur without significant telogen effluvium. That is rare. 

All in all, please see your physician about your abdominal pain and please seek advice from a dermatologist or physician specializing in hair loss about rapid acceleration of genetic hair loss. There are many mimics of genetic hair loss - so your acceleration of genetic hair loss might not be genetic hair loss. 

Hope this helps,


Dr. Jeff Donovan

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