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Dr. Donovan's opinions and views are frequently cited in the media, including print, television and online sources. Recent interviews include the Discovery Channel, CBC Television, CBC Radio, Breakfast Television Toronto, The Marilyn Denis Show, Prevention Magazine, Global News, CityNews, Chatelaine, Glow, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun. 

Below is a list of recent interviews by Dr. Donovan. Interviews can be scheduled by contacting our media liason at


Below is a list of recent interviews by Dr. Donovan. Interviews can be scheduled by contacting our media liason at


1. "Post partum hair loss"

Interviewed by Natalie Stechyson, parents editor HuffPost Canada Jan 8, 2019


2. "Women with CCCA may have an increased risk of uterine fibroids"

Interviewed by Bianca Quijano, The Chronicle of Skin and Allergy March 2018 Edition. Page 8.


3. "Hair Loss 101: Everything you need to know about balding"

Interviewed by Dini Pugliese April 5 2017


4.  Hair health: What your hair says about your health.

Interviewed by Donna MacMullin for Chatelaine  March 2017


5.  Popular hair loss drug could be linked to long term mojo meltdown

Interviewed by Lisa Ann Lee for News Atlas  March 2017


6. Everything you ever wanted to know about female hair loss.

Interviewed by Souzan Michael for Fashion Magazine August 2016


7. Anti-aging guide. How to volumize thinning hair. 

Interviewed by Dominique Lamberton for Chatelaine  - May 31 2016


8. "The Mane Event: If you have thinning hair "

Interviewed by Dominique Lamberton for Chatelaine  -May 2016 


9. "The Man Bun Hairstyle may cause hair loss"

Interviewed by Peter Kim from Global News  - Sept 28, 2015




10. "What you need to know about male pattern balding"

Interviewed by Marta Ustyanich for Inside Fitness Magazine published June 22, 2015


11. "Big Eyebrow Trend is Big Business for Cosmetic Industry"

Interviewed by Ashante Infantry for Toronto Star Aug 19, 2014


12. Right Look, Right Age - Crowning Glory 

Interviewed by Rani Sheen, the   Link to article:


13. "Hair Triggers: CBC Radio"

Interviewed by CBC  Radio Marcia Young Aired Aug 4, 2014


14. "Scalp Micropigmentation"

Interviewed by CBC Television April 24, 2014


15. "PRP Treatment: Expanding the Benefits of PRP in Hair Loss"

Published in: (guest blog) March 2014


16. "The Best Haircuts for Thinning Hair"

Published in: Canadian Living Online March 2014


17. "A Consistent Approach Drives Optimal Scarring Alopecia Treatment"

Published in: Skin and Allergy News March 2014


18. "Advances in Dermatological Care in 2014"

Published in: Chronicle of Skin and Allergy News Feb 2014


19. "Healthy hair: Four Tips for Winter Care"

Link to article

Published in: CDA MySkin Date: Winter 2014


20. "Interview on Finasteride Use in Men." Toronto Star April 8 2013


21. "Hair Sins You May be Committing". Gal time


22. "Clinical Practice: Child's hair loss not always AA." Article by Ian JS Moore. The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy. Feb 2013. page 1, 18-19.


23. "Elevated ESR and ferritin associated wtih scalp pruritus in women with central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia." Article by Kathy Pearsall. Dermatology Times of Canada. Nov/Dec 2012. page 18.


24. Nov 5 2012 "Heart attacks more likely the older you look" - Interviewed by Andrea Piunno from CityTV

 Video: Heart attacks more likely the older you look


Screenshot 2014-02-24 09.37.33.png

25. October 2012: "Hair Loss Treatments: Not One Size Fits All" - Interviewed by Cecilia Milne for the Globe and Mail


26. August 2012 - "Inflammatory markers herald pruritus" interviewed by Louise Gagnon for Chronicle of Skin & Allergy.


27. August 2012 - "Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments" interviewed by Marcia O'Connor for Today's Parent


28. May 2012 - "The Healthiest Way to Dry Your Hair" interviewed by Nina Elias for


29. March 2012 - "Helpful Haircare Tips" for "Natural Solutions Magazine:


30. March 2012 - "What to Do If You're Losing Your Hair" by Wendy Haaf for "Good Times" Magazine.


31. February 27, 2012 - "Hair Shedding Problems" Interviewed by Monica Matys for Sunnyview Blog


32. January 9, 2012 - "What's Happening up There?" Interviewed by Monica Matys for Sunnyview Blog


33. December 13, 2011 - "A Hair Raising Experience" Interviewed by Farhana Uddin for Roots of Hair. 


34. December 13, 2011 - Accepting Alopecia" Interviewed by Alima Hotakie for Roots of Hair. 


35. November 23, 2011 - The Marilyn Denis Show - Segment on Alopecia Areata 


Marilyn Denis Show - Segment 1:

Marilyn Denis Show - Segment 2:


36. September 6, 2011 - "It's Not Cancer." Interviewed by Monica Matys for Sunnyview Blog


37. Fall 2011 - Best Wishes Magazine, "Hair Loss After Pregnancy” pg 50-51


38. May 2011 - Best Health Magazine, "I lost all my hair to alopecia." Interviewed by Ann Chambers.


39. April 2, 2011 -Hair today.... Gone tomorrow. Interviewed by Patrick Langston for Ottawa Citizen


40. Feb 25, 2011 - Scientists cure baldness in mice. Interviewed by Elizabeth Haggarty for Toronto Star.


41. December 24, 2010 - CTV Interview - with Pauline Chan.


42. April 29, 2010 - Discovery Channel "Ziyology Segment" on Daily Planet; Interviewed by Ziya Tong.

View Daily Planet - Ziyology Segment


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