We are happy to accept biopsy samples for second opinion readings by our expert dermatopathology team.  Patients submitting samples MUST be patients of Dr. Donovan and already reviewed their case with him. We do not provide second opinions on histology for indivduals who simply have slides that need a second opinion on. Histology slides are always interpretted in conjunction with the full story of the patient’s hair loss. Interpreting slides in insolation is subject to error.

A report will be generated following the biopsy which will be emailed to you. The interpretation of your biopsy results will be performed by dermatopathologists with specific training and expertise in hair and scalp biopsies but not by Dr. Donovan. Of course, the communication of the details of your case will be provided directly by Dr. Donovan. Our office serves as a relay service to help patients have access to world class dermatopathology services.



Slides should be mailed to:


Dr. Jeff Donovan

4370 Lorimer Road

Suite 334B

Whistler BC VON 1B4





All patients requesting a second opinion on their biopsy are required to submit a consent form which is signed by the patient. If you wish the slides returned, the address MUST be clearly written on the form. 

Anyone submitting samples must understand that transport of the biopsy is subject to human error and the biopsy could be lost on transport to Dr. Donovan’s office and on transport from Dr. Donovan’s office back to the sender.  While all efforts will be made by our office to ensure safe and trackable shipments, error can occur. Such error could lead to slides being lost or the privacy and confidentiality of your sample or information being breached. 

In submitting slides, our office only acts as an intermediary to ensure safe transport and efficient communication of results in the hopes that this will limit error in the entire process. 




The fee for the biopsy reading is $ 475 CAD per punch biopsy removed from the scalp. If there are two punch biopsies, the fee is $950, etc.  Please contact us to arrange payment via credit card, or should you wish you may pay using our secure link:


We remind all patients that these fees are solely related to the biopsy interpretation by the dermatopathologist and do not include a) Dr. Donovan’s fees for any discussion which follows and b) shipping of the slides back to the patient. If slides are required to be returned we will invoice the patient after the slides are returned. Should you wish to speak to Dr. Donovan about your results or any matter related to your hair loss, all patients are asked to set up an appointment. Current appointment fees are published on our website.  



Thank you







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