Is it possible to have a translator during my appointment? 

In the Donovan Hair Clinic, we help patients from all over the world. From time to time, patients who visit us find it helpful to have a language translator present in the room to help with translation from English to another language.  This helps make sure that you fully understand Dr. Donovan's diagnosis and treatment plan and helps to make sure that your questions are fully answered. 

If you require a translator, please let us know AT LEAST 8 WEEKS in advance of your appointment. We will ensure that we have a translator on site to assist. There is an additional fee of $ 100 for each appointment for us to arrange a language translator attend appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions about having a Language Translator Present


1. What is the range of language translators that you have ?

Simply contact our office, and we will let you know if we are able to assist with a specific language. Generally it is possible with advanced notice.


2. Is there an additional fee?

There is an additional fee of $ 100 on top of the regular appointment fee of $ 800.  The fee for an initial consultation is therefore $ 900 and the fee for a follow up appointment is $ 750. An additional 5 % local tax is applied to the above fees. These fees are due 8 weeks prior to the appointment. 


3. How do I go about booking and confirming the language translator?

Simply confirm with us that you would like to have a translator and complete the translator booking form. We will then confirm if we are able to arrange a translator during the appointment.  We will require the appointment to be paid in advance, and full payment is due 2 months prior to the appointment. Appointment cancellations (WITH FULLL REFUND) and changes in the appointment date are possible up to 3 weeks prior to the appointment. However, refunds are not possible if the appointment is sooner than 3 weeks. 


4. If I do not wish to have a language translator present, will Dr. Donovan provide me with a written assessment so that I can review that at home myself?

Yes, this is standard. Please note that the written assessment is in English not the patient's native language. Patients wish to have Dr. Donovan's note translated into another language will need to do so at their own expense.  Every patient of the clinic is provided with a written summary of their diagnosis and treatment plan as part of their appointment. 



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