Welcome to Donovan Medical! We look forward to seeing you soon in Whistler, BC. Many of our patients travel from far and require formal letters of confirmation from our office about appointment dates and times and basic information pertaining to the reason for the appointment.  These are required for visitor visas. We are happy to support your application by providing a doctor's letter.


How do I obtain a letter confirming my appointment with Dr. Donovan?

Here are the steps we require to obtain letter of confirmation of appointments.


STEP 1.    Please confirm your appointment date and time with our office.

STEP 2.    Please pay for the appointment at this time. This can be done either online at or by calling our office at (00) 1.604.283.9299. The fee is $ 850 plus local 5 % taxes .

STEP 3.    Please ensure we have the correct spelling of your name, and your date of birth and your address and phone number in your home country. This information will be put on your letter


What if I am unable to come to the appointment? For example, what if my travel visa is not granted or I am unable to make the trip?

In situations where patients are unable to attend the appointment in person, Dr. Donovan will conduct the appointment by phone or by Skype. If you have any questions, please let us know. Our office sees patients from all over the world and has experience with the requirements that are needed by many countries. 



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