Dr. Donovan's Daily Hair Loss Blog (2011-2019)

Excellence in Hair MedICINE


At Donovan Medical, we strive to provide our patients with world class care using the most up-to-date treatments & techniques.  


A series of 3 fundamental principles guide our practice: 




1. We believe patients deserve to have their hair loss diagnosed by a physician with expertise in hair medicine.

World class care starts with proper advice.    We believe, without exception, that the complexities of hair loss require input from a physician trained in diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. All new patients meet privately with Dr. Donovan at their first appointment. Patients can be assured that they'll receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

We do not employ sales consultants or patient educators to meet or advise our patients.


2. We are 100 % devoted to hair loss and hair loss research.

Hair medicine is our field. We don't dabble in various parts of medicine. Dr. Donovan's practice is restricted solely to the research and treatment of hair loss. You can be assured that you'll be speaking with someone whose passion is treating hair loss and whose commitment is understanding how better to treat hair loss. 

We are devoted to hair loss & do not perform other surgical or cosmetic procedures.


3. We believe that success in hair medicine comes from connecting the right treatment to the right patient.

We enjoy the complexities of hair loss, and after helping over 10,000 patients we know when certain hair loss treatments are a good idea - and when they are not.  Hair transplants, for example, are not for everyone.  Every year, countless numbers of patients around the world undergo hair transplants and ultimately have little or no improvement in their hair density.  Most times, it can be predicted at the outset whether a patient is a good candidate or not.  Similarly, PRP, minoxidil, and other hair loss treatments are not for everyone. Hair loss treatments have the best chance of being effective in the properly selected patient.











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