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Thank you for your interest in information on becoming a patient of Dr. Donovan. The following information provides you with greater detail about requirements, appointment details and fees.

Please note that we do not accept all patients who request appointments. Your file must be reviewed first by Dr. Donovan to ensure that he feels the request is appropriate and that he can help you. Once he gives our office notification that he has accepted the referral, we will begin offering potential appointment dates.

Once again, ALL patients are required to submit THREE items to our office BEFORE Dr. Donovan will even begin review a request for an appointment.


REQUIREMENT 2: We MUST receive RECENT BLOOD TESTS from the past 12-18 months.


These three items go into your file and all file with these three items are then reviewed by Dr. Donovan. Dr. Donovan generally does not review requests if these three items are missing.


PART 1. APPOINTMENTS. What are appointments like?

We would like to give you some information in the event we are able to offer you an appointment once we receive your blood test results. Appointments are typically 35 minutes in duration but may take up to 40-45 minutes. Please take this into account when planning your visit to our office. Dr. Donovan will carefully review your recent history, evaluate your scalp (including use of dermoscopy), review your blood tests and discuss all available treatment options. If any additional tests are required (biopsy, blood tests, etc), Dr. Donovan will let you know at the time of your appointment.


For more information on your first appointment with Dr. Donovan, please see



We also have a section dedicated to “Frequently Asked Questions” about setting up an appointment with Dr. Donovan which you may also find helpful. The link is:



PART 2. FEES. What are the fees for the appointment?

There is a fee of $875 (plus 5 % tax) for appointments with Dr. Donovan. Please note that Dr. Donovan bills privately for all consultations. If you have private insurance, you may wish to enquire about reimbursement before your appointment with our clinic. We do not submit claims to insurance companies by do provide receipts and are happy to outline details of the consultation for any insurance related issues.

There are fees for any blood tests, swabs and biopsies ordered through our clinic.  The follow up appointment fee is $650, whether the appointment be in person back in the Whistler office or by Skype/phone call/FaceTime. The frequency of follow up appointments depends on the diagnosis of a person’s hair loss and ranges between 3-12 months.   Some patients are seen in our clinic only once and return to their own physicians for ongoing care and management.  For more information on the typical frequency of appointments, please see the following link



If you have additional insurance coverage (for example through your place of employment), you may wish to take a moment to contact your insurer to enquire about coverage prior to your appointment with Dr. Donovan.


PART 3. CLINIC POLICIES. What are the formal policies of the Donovan Hair Clinic?

For a full list of our clinic policies, please visit www.donovanmedical.com/policies. If you would like a PDF copy of our clinic policies, simply let me know. 

We would also recommend that patient’s take the time to review our policies on prescription renewals as well as the typical follow up intervals for appointments that most patients can expect. Medications prescribed by Dr. Donovan are not valid indefinitely, but rather they are valid until the time of the next follow up appointment (which may range from several months to up to 2 years). Further information can be found at the following links:



For all patients residing outside of Canada, our clinic will require the following Consult Agreement Form be completed as well when you arrive at the office. It is a standard form that medical facilities in Canada often use for International patients receiving consultations from Canadian specialists. Every aspect of your care will be identical to Canadian patients. In a similar realm, any legal action that would be brought about to Dr. Donovan, or our clinic will be conducted in Canada and under Canadian law according to the details of the following agreement.



PART 4. CANCELLATION POLICY. What is our cancellation policy?

Please note there is a strict 48-hour cancellation policy for changing or cancelling your appointment and these details can be found in the following link https://donovanmedical.com/cancellation-policy. We understand that things crop up and appointments sometimes need to be cancelled. We consider a ‘no show’ (whereby a patient simply does not show up to the appointment) to be quite disrespectful. 


PART 5. PREVIOUS BLOOD TEST RESULTS. What tests does the clinic need?

We normally require that patients send us blood test results PRIOR to our office confirming that we can offer patients an appointment with Dr. Donovan. (Again, we remind patients that we require prior blood test results, a Consult Request Form and the Patient Intake Questionnaire before any appointment request will be reviewed by dD. Donovan). Ideally these blood test results should have been done by a previous physician already because this would have been part of an initial work up for hair loss.  If you have not had blood tests done in the past, you might consider completing the final steps of your initial hair loss evaluation with your physician and then seeing Dr. Donovan after these tests are done (if needed). Patients who have not had any blood tests done are considered by our office to have not yet had an initial work up/evaluation for their hair loss. We do not accept patients who have who have not yet had an initial work up for their hair loss. We are a clinic that sees patients who need help with the second step an beyond.

If for any reason you are unable to submit blood tests to us or get blood tests done, simply let us know and we will review with Dr Donovan if this requirement can or not be waived in your case. For most patients, we require blood tests to be sent to us BEFORE we can offer an appointment.

Blood tests can only be ordered by a physician who has seen a patient and has performed an evaluation. Dr. Donovan can not order blood tests for any patient until AFTER he meets with you.  If you are able to get blood tests done before coming to see Dr. Donovan, you would need to get these done through a physician who has met you and evaluated your hair loss.  We do not mail, email or fax out blood requisitions to patients before their first appointment with Dr. Donovan. Dr. Donovan considers you as his patient only when he welcomes you in the office or at the time of a remote consulation - not anytime before.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would please email or fax or mail ANY previous blood test results. The blood tests we generally advise are found in the following link:




Dr. Donovan will review blood tests to ensure they are sufficient to proceed with booking an appointment. He will review them in greater detail again about a day or two before your appointment so if you have new blood test results that keep coming in, be sure to send them to us.

PART 6. PATIENT INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE. What is the patient intake questionnaire?

The “Patient Intake Questionnaire” is an extremely detailed questionnaire that greatly assists Dr. Donovan in evaluating your hair loss and scalp concerns. We require all patients to complete our patient questionnaire BEFORE we confirm that we can offer an appointment. This form is available at


This is a secure link. We kindly ask that all patients complete this BEFORE we can confirm that we can offer an appointment. .

This questionnaire is extremely valuable to your proper diagnosis and management. Kindly note that this is a DIFFERENT questionnaire than the very short questionnaire (our Consult Request Form) you may be completed at the time of booking your appointment 



We are at 4370 Lorimer Road, Suite 334B in Whistler, BC.  Directions from Vancouver to Whistler can be found at www.donovanmedical.com/contact-us

Directions within Whistler can be found at https://donovanmedical.com/directions


 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are happy to have the opportunity to help you.

Thank you,

Donovan Hair Clinic






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