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Dr. Donovan is active in several areas of hair research. The following is a selected list of recent publications in hair research by Dr. Donovan. For a list of Dr. Donovan's recent lectures and presentations, or for a list of recent articles on hair loss you may wish to also visit the following links:

Recent Lectures & Presentations

General Articles on Hair Loss






Wan SJ andDonovan JC Hair loss and Identity – From Homer to Donne. J Cut Med Surg 2018; 22; 656

Donovan JC. Graham Little Piccardi Lassueur Syndrome in a patient with androgen insensitivity syndrome. Int J Dermatol.  2016  

Donovan JC. Successful treatment of corticosteroid resistant ophiasis type alopecia areata with platelet rich plasma. JAAD Case Reports.  2015; 1: 305-7.

Donovan JC. Finasteride-mediated hair regrowth and reversal of atrophy in  patient with frontal fibrosing alopecia. JAAD Case Reports 2015; 1: 353-5.

Donovan JC. Dissecting Cellulitis following Interferon Beta 1a Treatment and Scalp Trauma. JAAD Case Reports 2015;  1:303-4. 

Spano F and Donovan JC. Alopecia areata: Part 1: pathogenesis, diagnosis and prognosis. Can Fam Physician 2015; 61: 751-5

Spano F and Donovan JC. Alopecia areata: Part 2: treatment. Can Fam Physician 2015; 61: 757-61. 


1. "Pruritic Area of Hair Loss"

Authors:  Dang M and Donovan J

Published in: Canadian Journal of Diagnosis

Date: January 2015 


2. "Efficacy of oral retinoids in treatment resistant lichen planopilaris"

Authors:  Spano F and Donovan JC

Published in: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Date: November 2014 


3. "Lichen planopilaris following whole brain irradiation"

Authors:  Perrin AJ and Donovan JC

Published in: Int J Dermatol

Date: Jun 5, 2014 (doi: 10.1111/ijd.125.)


4. "Scalp trauma: a risk factor for lichen planopilaris?"

Authors:  Montpellier RA and Donovan JC

Published in: J Cutan Med Surg.

Date: May/June 2014


5. "Lichen planopilaris: Update on Pathogenesis and Treatment"

Authors:  Baibergenova A and Donovan JC

Published in: SkinMed

Date: May/June 2013


6. "Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men"

Authors:  Donovan JC, Goldstein BG, Goldstein AO

Published in: Up-to-Date (Section Editor: Maria Hordinsky MD and Deputy Editor: Abena Ofori MD)

Date:   2013


7. "Androgenetic alopecia: pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosis"

Authors:  Donovan JC, Goldstein BG, Goldstein AO

Published in: Up-to-Date (Section Editor: Maria Hordinsky MD and Deputy Editor: Abena Ofori MD)

Date:   2013


8. "Transversely sectioned biopsies in the diagnosis of end stage traction alopecia"

Author: Donovan JC and Mirmirani P

Published in: Dermatology Online Journal

Date: April 2013


9. "Lichen Planopilaris following Hair Transplantation: Report of 17 Cases"

Author: Donovan JC. 

Published in: Dermatologic Surgery 

Date: December 2012


10. "The Safety and Efficacy of Diphencyprone for the Treatment of Alopecia Areata in Children."

Authors: Salsberg J andDonovan JC. 

Published in: Archives of Dermatology

Date: September 2012


11. “A review of scalp camouflaging agents and prosthesis for indidviduals with hair loss

Authors: Donovan JC, Shapiro RL, Shapiro P, Zupan, Pierre-Louise M, Hordinsky MK

Published in: Dermatology Online Journal 

Date: August 2012


12. “Scalp Camouflaging Techniques: What is available and how real do they look”

Author: Donovan JC

Published in: Canadian Dermatology Association Bulletin

Date: October 2011


13. “Scarring (Cicatricial) Alopecia: Simple Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment in 2011”

Author: Donovan JC

Published in: Biologics in Dermatology 

Date: July 2011


14.  “Trichomycosis axillaris” 

Author: Donovan JC 

Published in: B Anderson, W Heymann, S Lessin and C Hivnor (eds). Clinical Decision Support: Dermatology.   

Date:  2011


15.  “Loose Anagen Syndrome” 

Author: Donovan JC 

Published in: B Anderson, W Heymann, S Lessin and C Hivnor (eds). Clinical Decision Support: Dermatology.  

Date:  2011


16. “Iron deficiency and diffuse nonscarring scalp alopecia in women: More pieces to the puzzle” 

Authors: St. Pierre SA, Vercellotti GM, Donovan JC and Hordinsky M.

Published in: Journal American Academy Dermatology 

Date: December 2010 


17. “Eyebrow Regrowth in Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia Patients Treated with Intralesional Triamcinolone Acetonide”

Authors: Donovan JC, Samrao A, Ruben BS and Price V.

Published in: British Journal of Dermatology 

Date: November 2010


18. “Chloroquine induced Hair Hypopigmentation” (for link, click here)

Authors: Donovan JC and Price V. 

Published in: New England Journal of Medicine 

Date: July 2010


19. “Hair Physiology and Grooming”

Authors: Hordinsky MK, Caramori A and Donovan JC 

Published in the textbook: Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures.

Date: 2010


20. “A Review of the Hair Follicle Origin Hypothesis for Basal Cell Carcinoma”

Author: Donovan JC 

Published in: Dermatologic Surgery 

Date:  September 2009


21. "Scarring Alopecia associated with the Use of Gefitinib” 

Authors: Donovan JC, Ghazarian D and Shaw JC 

Published in: Archives of Dermatology 

Date:  November 2008


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