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Please use the form below to request an appointment with Dr. Donovan. Appointments are normally 30-45 minutes in duration and all patients begin with a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Donovan.

Consultations conducted "in person" at the Vancouver centre are preferred as they enable Dr. Donovan to provide the most thorough and detailed assessment. We also provide one time, 'second opinion' consultations via telephone and Skype, and this information can be found under our "Second opinion Consultation" tab. Patients interested in becoming long term patients of Dr. Donovan must be seen first "in person" at the Vancouver centre. Thereafter, remote consultations (via Skype and phone) may be possible as a means of follow up (depending on the diagnosis and treatment required).

Current consultation fees can be found under the "Our Practice" tab. There is a fee of $ 750 for initial consultations with Dr. Donovan.


Thank you for completing the form with as much detail as possible. Our office will contact you by e-mail or phone (whichever you indicate below) within 1 business day.

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