Please use the form below to request an appointment with Dr. Donovan. You may attach blood test results, photos and any other documents using this form below or simply send to our office by email ( after you submit the form.

Consultations conducted "in person" at the Whistler centre are generally the preferred method of initial consultation as they enable Dr. Donovan to provide the most thorough and detailed assessment. We also provide one time, 'second opinion' consultations via telephone and Skype, and this information can be found under our "Second opinion Consultation" tab. Patients interested in becoming long term patients of Dr. Donovan must be seen first "in person" at the Whistler centre. Thereafter, remote consultations (via Skype and phone) may be possible as a means of follow up (depending on the diagnosis and treatment required).

Current consultation fees can be found under the "Our Practice" tab. There is a fee of $ 875 for initial consultations with Dr. Donovan.


STEP 1: Complete the “Consult Request Form” (i.e. using the form below).

STEP 2: Submit recent blood tests (from the last 1 year) to our office. This can be done by attaching blood test to the Consult Request form, or sending them to our office by email or fax. Any other helpful information such as biopsy results, photos, consult notes from other specialists should be submitted as well.

STEP 3: Our administrative team will prepare a file containing both the patient’s “Consult Request Form” and blood test results. Dr. Donovan will review new requests 3 times each week to confirm if our administrative team can offer an an appointment to the patient.

STEP 4: Our administrative team will advise the patient if an appointment can be offered or not. If an appointment can be offered, an appointment date and time will be given.

STEP 5: The patient will complete a patient intake questionnaire no later than ONE MONTH prior to their set appointment. Additional helpful documentation should be submitted by the patient if it was not submitted in step 2.

STEP 6: The patient attends the appointment.

We thank all patients in advance for completing the form below with as much detail as possible. We do not approve all requests for consults. If you feel you have any other information to summit to us that can not be submitted via this form below (i.e. letters from other doctors, hospital notes, biopsy reports, ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI, surgery notes, photos), please email it to within 24 hours of submitting your form. Patients with incomplete forms, and patients who have not had any previous blood testing for their hair loss in the past may not be offered appointments with Dr. Donovan.

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