Do you have a form of hair loss? Are you interested in volunteering your time to help health professionals learn more about hair loss?

Consider joining Dr. Donovan to teach other health professionals about the diagnosis of hair loss.


What are patient volunteers? Why are they so much needed?

There is a shortage of health care professionals worldwide with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of treat hair loss. Physicians are provided with limited exposure to training in hair loss during their education and other health care providers are often not exposed to the breadth of hair loss issues that are required to develop true expertise.  There is an urgent need to equip physicians with the proper skills to properly evaluate and treat patients with hair loss. 

Dr. Donovan volunteers his time on several occasions throughout the year to teach physicians, physicians-in-training, medical students, trichologists, nurses and hair stylists about hair loss. Participants have the opportunity to speak to a patient volunteer with hair loss and examine the volunteer's scalp up close under Dr. Donovan's supervision.  Together, Dr. Donovan and the patient-volunteer form a team that helps educate others about hair loss. By doing so, countless numbers of patients are helped in the future.  

There are a variety of opportunities available for patient volunteers. We require patients who already know their diagnosis as well as patients who have hair loss who do not know their diagnosis. Both types of patients are extremely valued in the teaching programs we have established. Patient volunteers should expect to spend about 60-90 minutes at our centre during the teaching sessions although the actual time with Dr. Donovan and the trainees is generally about 15 minutes. Our office will reimburse participants for their parking, up to $ 25.00. 


How do I learn more about patient volunteering ?

To learn more you may wish to download our information package



How do I apply to become a patient volunteer ?

If you are interested in becoming a patient volunteer, please complete the form below. Our office will reply letting you know that we have received your form and keep your name on file. We will contact you should an opportunity arise to participate in a teaching session.

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What is your phone number?
Please indicate if we have permission to email you and/or phone you about these patient volunteer opportunities.
What type of hair loss have you been diagnosed with?
I understand that as a patient volunteer, I am not paid for my participation. I also understand that by participating I am not becoming a patient of Dr. Donovan or a patient of any of the physicians who may meet with me. My participation is voluntary and done with the goal to help educate others about hair loss.









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