Directions to our Office

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We are located at 4370 Lorimer Road Suite 334B.

From the sea to sky highway (Route 99) turn onto Lorimer Road towards the mountain. If you are driving north from Vancouver this would be a right hand turn onto Lorimer Road.

As you drive down Lorimer Road, you'll come to a first intersection. You'll continue through that intersection (i.e. please don't turn right onto Northlands Boulevard).... and then take your first right into the "Marketplace" complex about 200 feet after that first intersection.   As you drive in, you'll see a number of stores around the perimeter of the large parking lot. We are the building on your immediate right. You'll see a sign in the middle of the building that readers "Marketplace Professional Building."   To be sure you have the right building, please take note that there is a McDonald’s on the far left of the Marketplace Professional Building and a TD Bank on the far right.  In the middle of the Marketplace Professional Building you will see a Rogers Store and a Mac’s Convenience store. Park as close the the building as you can. You can take the elevator or stairs up to the third floor.  You can take either the right or left staircase up to the third floor (except this month the right hand staircase is closed for repairs).

Regardless of whether  you go up the stair case, or take the elevator to the third floor you will need to go THROUGH THE DOOR into the main building. We are about 5 offices down the hall and you’ll see our name ("Donovan Hair Clinic") on the door.

We are suite 334B and our name is displayed clearly on the door. 

Whistler Office



Parking in Whistler

There is one hour free parking in the parking lot. However, all vehicles MUST register at the parking meter. There is a parking meter in  front of the Rogers Stores Any additional parking beyond 1 hour must be purchased from the machine. We strongly recommend that you consider registering two hours with the machine as many of our patients will find that they are very close to 1 hour or slightly beyond 1 hour from the time they leave their car to the time they return. 

Directions from the Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is located within walking distance from our office although it is a light 10 minute walk. To get from the bus drop off at the terminal to our office you can either walk or take a taxi. If you choose to talk, you’ll first need to cross the intersection at the traffic light and head north. This will take you past the first entrance of Main Street, past the Delta and Pinnacle Hotels and past the second entrance of Main street. Turn to the right once you reach Marketplace. A taxi can take you there as well and taxis are readily available at the taxi loop. The following map can be helpful.

map by foot






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