The following information provides a helpful guide to typical blood test results. If you'd like to review your results, simply let my office know and we'll make an appointment to sit down together to go over results. 

ANA - antinuclear antibody. One of the tests for lupus. A high value may suggest that you need more tests to definitively determine if you have lupus. A low test is common in the population. ANA testing may not be included in your blood tests because it is not a part of routine testing for patients with hair loss.

HEMOGLOBIN - a measure of a key protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen. Low hemoglobin levels lead to anemia

HEMATOCRIT - a measure of how much of the blood is made up of red blood cells (thickness of the blood)

WBC count - the "white blood cell" count. White blood cells are the key cells of the immune system and are said to be the 'infection fighting cells'

RBC count - another measure of the number of red blood cells

MCV - stands for "mean corpuscular volume". This is a measure of the average size of a red blood cell. There are many conditions that lead to red blood cells becoming too big or too small.

MCH - stands for "mean corpuscular hemoglobin" and measures the amount of hemoglobin packed in the red blood cells.  

MCHC - stands for "mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration" - another measure of the concentration of hemoglobin in your red blood cells

RDW - stands for "red cell distribution width" or how uniform in size your red blood cells are. High levels and low levels can mean and array of different things

Platelet count - platelets help with blood clotting.  A low platelet level can be associated with bleeding problems and a high platelet count can be associated with clotting problems 

ESR - stands for "erythrocyte sedimentation rate." This is a very non specific test that measures inflammation in the body. There are hundreds of reasons for a high ESR.

Cholesterol tests - a measure of the 'fats' in the blood

Triglycerides - one of the fats in the blood. high trigylceride levels are harmful.

HDL - stands for "high density lipoprotein." A high HDL level is good. HDL is sometimes called the good cholesterol

LDL - stands for "low density lipoprotein" A low LDL level is good. A high LDL level may indicate the need for diet or medication change. 

TSH - stands for "thyroid stimulating hormone" levels.  A HIGH TSH may indicated hypothyroidism and a LOW TSH level may indicate hyperthyroidism

Vitamin B12 - vitamin B12 levels. Low vitamin B12 levels need attention 

Ferritin - A measure of your iron stores. Ferritin levels should be above 40 for healthy hair.

Testosterone - a measure of the male type (androgen) hormone in the blood. Both men and women have androgens.



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