Dr. Donovan's Daily Hair Loss Blog (2011-2019)

Expert Consultation for Non Patient related Matters


Dr. Donovan is a dermatologist with a practice devoted exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.  His background includes both basic research (molecular biology and immunology) and clinical research.  He routinely sees complex hair loss cases in children and adults and has lectured nationally and internationally on issues pertaining to hair loss.  He is actively involved in clinical research in hair loss. His expertise has been retained in a variety of legal matters, including those related to patient diagnosis and treatment, medication and drug development in the field of hair loss, and patents/inventions.


Dr. Donovan offers expertise in the following areas:

A.    Hair loss diagnosis in children and adults, including hair changes observed on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair. This includes primary hair diseases causing hair loss as well as drug-related hair loss, chemotherapy related hair loss, toxin related hair loss, self-inflicted/psychological issues and infectious causes

B.    Treatment of hair loss, including medical treatment (prescription and non-prescription), and surgical treatment (hair transplantation) and their associated side effects

C.   The use of non-prescription supplements in the treatment of hair loss, including vitamins, oral supplements

D.   Scalp infections and infestations, including fungal infections, lice and tropical scalp dermatoses

E.    Traumatic hair and scalp injury, including recreational and work-related

F.    Issues pertaining to abnormal reactions to hair dyes, highlighting agents, coloring, straightening

G.   The use of shampoos and conditioners and related products.

H.   Legal issues pertaining to patents and inventions in hair care, hair loss, hair technologies.


Law firms wishing more information on obtaining Dr. Donovan's advice on a legal matter should email our office at inquiry@donovanmedial.com. Please provide a brief summary of the issues and we will provide further written information on consultant services offered by Dr. Donovan and set up an introductory phone call with Dr. Donovan to review the issues further. 

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