Consultation Types and Associated Fees


1. Initial Comprehensive Consultation ($ 875)

  • A 35-40 minute private consultation with Dr. Donovan at the Whistler office.

  • Patients become candidates for a comprehensive consultation only with completion of our patient intake questionnaire and submission of previous blood tests results.  Full review of Comprehensive medical questionnaire pertaining to hair loss, examination of scalp including dermatoscopic examination, and review of any blood tests.

  • All patients in the Donovan Hair Clinic start with a Comprehensive Consultation. 

  • Consultation Fees do not cover the cost of medications or treatment. Many treatments for hair loss are either available with a prescription or available over the counter (supplements, vitamins, lasers). Some treatments, such as platelet rich plasma therapy, are available in office.  

  • If additional blood tests or biopsies are required, additional fees would apply.

  • A formal transcribed typed letter is provided


2. Remote "Second opinion" Consultation via Skype/Phone ($ 875)

  • Second opinion consultations are appropriate for individuals who are already under the care of a physician and wish a second opinion on their diagnosis, or treatment plan (or both). To determine if a patient qualifies for a remote consultation, the REMOTE APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM must be completed as a first step.

  • Submission of blood tests, biopsy results (if done), and photos will be required prior to our office confirming if a remote consultation can be offered. 

  • If permission for a remote consultation is granted, completion of a Comprehensive medical questionnaire pertaining to hair loss pertaining to hair loss is required. 

  • Remote consultations are NOT the appropriate type of consultation for individuals wishing to become long term patients of Dr. Donovan and have periodic evaluation. In these situations, patients must be seen at the Whistler centre first. Patients requesting remote consultations must keep in mind that a follow up appointment with Dr. Donovan will not be possible. This is a single one time appointment only. 

  • Consultation Fees for Remote Consultations do not cover the cost of medications or treatment. Many treatments for hair loss are either available with a prescription or available over the counter (supplements, vitamins, lasers). Some treatments, such as platelet rich plasma therapy, are available in office.  

  • If additional blood tests required, additional fees would apply.


3. Follow-up Appointments ($ 650) - (in Office or by Phone/Skype)

  • A follow up appointment is an appointment between Dr. Donovan and a patient for the purpose of reviewing any aspect of the patient's diagnosis, changes in hair density or various aspects of the treatment.  A follow up appointment may be conducted in person at the Whistler office, or remotely (skype, facetime or via phone) depending on which is deemed appropriate by Dr. Donovan. A remote consult is NOT appropriate for all types of hair loss and the decision is left entirely to Dr Donovan as to whether he can assist a patient through a remote consultation. Patients should take note that a fee applies for all follow up appointments with Dr. Donovan and the cost of the initial consultation does not cover the follow up appointment. A separate fee of $650 applies to all follow up appointments.

  • Please note that fees apply regardless of results. We practice hair medicine using the most up to date methods with the best evidence for treating hair loss. However, we don't promise results. At the time of your appointment, Dr. Donovan will inform you of the chances (likelihood) of success.  For example, if a medication has a 40 % chance of increasing hair density, 40 % of our patients will be pleased and 60 % will not. The same follow up fees apply to each patient. Follow up fees are for Dr. Donovan's professional medical advice, not for outcomes. 

  • A follow up appointment is a 20 minute private consultation with Dr. Donovan at the Whistler office. Sometimes they may extend to 30 minutes, but kindly note that they are shorter in duration than the initial appointment. For some patients, this follow up may be done remotely via phone or skype if an in person consultation is not possible.  Details are found in the following link.

  • Full review of medications, side effects, progress to date,  dermatoscopic scalp and review of any blood tests. In some situations, the follow up appointment may be conducted by phone, Skype or FaceTime for patients living far from the centre. This method of follow up is generally ONLY possible for patients with androgenetic alopecia, hair shedding abnormalities and patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata who are under the primary care of another physician.

  • Modification of treatment plan as appropriate, including more aggressive treatments in those not responding and removal/reduction of treatments (where appropriate) for patients showing improvement.

  • Follow up appointments range in intervals from 3 months to 3 years, depending on the primary diagnosis of the patient's hair loss.  Patients with androgenetic alopecia are typically seen every 12-15 months. Patients with scarring alopecia and alopecia areata are typically seen for full review every 4-6 months  (injections may be performed in between appointments every 2-3 months for some patients). Patients with hair shedding issues are typically seen every 6-9 months. Children with genetic syndrome may be seen every 2-5 years.

  • A patient who has not seen Dr. Donovan within 8 years shall be deemed to be a new patient, and the fees applicable to the appointment will then be new patient fees for an initial comprehesnive consultation rather than follow up fees.

  • Follow up fees do not cover the cost of injections or biopsies or other treatments which may be performed at the follow up appointment. Those fees are separate and outlined below. 

  • A formal transcribed letter is not typically provided for follow up appointments (as in the initial consultation letter), unless specifically requested

4. Interval phone appointments (within 3 months of any "in office” follow up appointment) - $250

Some of our patients find it helpful to have a phone consultation with Dr Donovan periodically between their standard follow up appointments. If a phone call with Dr Donovan is required WITHIN the first 3 months of a follow up appointment (not an injection appointment), there is a fee of $250. Such calls are generally done on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and are 15-20 minutes in duration. If it has been LONGER than 3 months since the patient’s appointment, a follow up appointment (either in office or via remote set up) is required. The fee would be the standard follow up fee of $650 (see number 3 above). Please note that injection appointments are not considered standard follow up appointments. These phone appointments are only available to patients that have had a follow up appointment within the last 3 months.

5. Email advice and questions (within the first 3 months of any type of appointment) - no charge

Patients are encouraged to contact the office if they have questions and concerns about their diagnosis or treatment within the first three months of seeing Dr Donovan in the office. All patient questions will be reviewed with Dr Donovan and our administrative team will respond by email within 48-72 hours. If a patient wishes to have a phone call with Dr Donovan within the first 3 months of having their office appointment, they should refer to point 4 above. There is a fee of $250 for phone calls with Dr Donovan and such calls are generally done on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and are 15-20 minutes in duration.

6. Email advice and questions (after 3 months) - please contact the office

For many patients with questions and concerns about their treatment after the third month, a follow up appointment with Dr Donovan is usually needed. Please contact the office to discuss your specific concerns. In some cases, a follow up appointment is not needed as the question from the patient can be easily answered without need for an appointment and without any fees. However, if a review of the patient’s progress is needed in order to answer the question (and consultation with Dr. Donovan is therefore needed), a follow appointment would be the appropriate type of consultation. For example, a patient who emails the office five months after seeing Dr. Donovan and states that they are now losing more hair again and are wondering what medications to stop or change or what blood tests they might have ordered would require a follow up appointment. Our administrative team will review with Dr. Donovan to help the patient determine whether this follow up appointment is best done in person or whether it can be done by phone.

7. Appointment for Steroid Injections ($ 200)

  • A 5 minute visit for steroid injections for patients with scarring alopecias and alopecia areata. The appointments are very short and meant to be convenient for patients. They do not include enough time for discussion of treatment progress, medication changes or side effects. Photos are not taken at a steroid injection appointment and consultation letters or summaries are not provided. Patients wishing to have more time to review treatment progress, other medications or other aspects of their care should book a follow up appointment (20-30 minutes) rather than a 5 minute injection appointment.

  • A wide range of available times are available for steroid injection appointments each month. Steroid injections may also be performed as part of an initial consultation or as part of a follow up appointment. A fee of $ 200 is added to the appointment fee. For example, the fee for a follow up appointment that also includes steroid injections is $ 650 + 200 = $ 850. The fee for an initial consultation that also includes steroid injection is $ 875 + $200 = $1070.00

  • Steroid injections may be performed by Dr. Donovan or our clinic nurses.

  • Steroid injections are typically done every 6-16 weeks depending on the diagnosis and activity of the patient's specific condition. For example, a patient with active alopecia areata may have injections every 6 weeks whereas a patient with relatively quiet CCCA or LPP/FFA may have injections every 16 weeks.  

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are often asked whether a patient should book a "steroid injection" appointment or a "follow up" appointment in order to receive their steroid injections. If the appointment is simply for steroid injections, a steroid injection appointment is the appropriate appointment. If there are other issues to be discussed, a follow up appointment is the appropriate type of appointment.  The following are helpful guides to help patients determine which is appropriate. 

    • For patients with alopecia areata: a "follow-up" appointment rather than a "steroid injection" appointment will be required if a) more than 12 months have elapsed since seeing Dr. Donovan OR b) the patient wishes to discuss issues with Dr. Donovan other than the steroid injections. For example, a patient receiving steroid injections and using oral medications such as prednisone, methotrexate or tofacitinib would  discuss these issues at a follow up appointment rather than an injections appointment. There is not sufficient time set aside in a 5 minute injection appointment to discuss broader issues surrounding use of these oral mediations.  

    • For patients with scarring alopecia, a follow up appointment will be required after every second steroid injection appointment.  In general, a follow-up" appointment rather than a "steroid injection" appointment will be the appropriate type of appointment for the patient if any of the following are correct a) it has been more than 6 months since the last "follow up" appointment or b) the patient has had two previous injection appointments, or c)  if there are issues to be discussed with Dr. Donovan other than the steroid injections. For example, a patient receiving steroid injections and using oral medications such as doxycycline or hydroxychloroquine or finasteride or wishes to discuss other issues will discuss these issues at a follow up appointment rather than an injection appointment. There is not sufficient time set aside in a 5 minute injection appointment to discuss broader issues surrounding use of these oral mediations.  


 8. Follow-up Appointments with Steroid Injections ($ 850)

  • A follow up appointment with steroid injections is billed the same fee as appointments for a follow up and steroid injections. A follow up appointment is $ 650 and an appointment for steroid injections is $ 200.

  • A follow up appointment that includes steroid injections typically lasts 20-30 minutes.

9. Scalp Biopsy ($ 535 per biopsy)

  • A scalp biopsy is a short procedure that allows Dr. Donovan to obtain several hairs (and the surrounding skin) for histological analysis.

  • A scalp biopsy is required for only a minority of patients, typically in cases where scarring alopecia is questioned and where unusual forms of alopecia areata might be present. 

  • The fee includes both the procedure and the biopsy professional reading fee by the dermatopathologist.

  • In cases of complex hair disorders, 2 biopsies may be required. 

10. Scalp opinion of biopsy reading of a biopsy already done at another centre ($ 475 per biopsy)

We are happy to accept biopsy samples for second opinion readings by our expert dermatopathology team.  Patients submitting samples MUST be patients of Dr. Donovan and already reviewed their case with him. In most case, a report will be generated following the biopsy which will be emailed to you. The interpretation of your biopsy results will be performed by dermatopathologists with specific training and expertise in hair and scalp biopsies but not by Dr. Donovan. Of course, the communication of the details of your case will be provided directly by Dr. Donovan. For additional details and to download our consent form, visit SECOND READING OF SLIDES

11. Scalp Swab ($ 200)

  • A scalp swab is necessary for patients with pustules, especially in individuals with any of the following confirmed or suspected diagnosis : folliculitis, folliculitis decalvans, dissecting cellulitis. 


12. Blood tests

  • Our clinic is a private clinic and patients needing blood tests will be given a standard requisition to visit a local lab. However, because our clinic is private, these fees for blood tests will not be covered under provincial plans (MSP, OHIP, Alberta Health, Saskatchewan Health).

  • Typical fees vary from province to province and an estimate can be found here:  TYPICAL FEES FOR BLOOD TESTS

  • Patients who do not have blood tests prior to their first appointment, need not worry.

  • Blood tests will be ordered by Dr. Donovan after he meets with you. See "I don't have any blood tests: what should I do?"


13. Platelet rich plasma injections ($ 1500 per treatment)

  • PRP treatments are typically 60 minute in duration and reserved for patients with androgenetic alopecia and less commonly alopecia areata.

  • Patients must be evaluated by Dr. Donovan before entering the PRP treatment program. 

  • PRP treatments are typically done 3-4 times per year.

  • Fees: $1500 per session; $ 2800 for a 2 session package; $5500 for a 4 session package. 

  • There is no fee for the PRP follow up appointment at the 9 month mark (i.e 6 months after the second PRP treatment). The purpose of this very important appointment is to determine if the PRP is actually effective or not and to plan further treatment. If additional follow up appointments are required to discuss other treatments separate from the PRP treatment, a follow up appointment is required.  This includes review of other treatments such as minoxidil, supplements (vitamins, Viviscal, iron, vitamin D, B12), prescription medications (finasteride, spironolactone, dutasteride, doxycycline, Plaquenil), hair care issues, shampoo use, and recent blood tests. 

  • The fee administered for PRP treatments applies only to the 60 minute treatment session which includes a 5 minute preassessment by our nurses and staff, a 3-4 minute pre-PRP assessment by Dr. Donovan followed by the actual 45-50 minute PRP session with our PRP staff. Patients coming into the office for a PRP treatment session should take note that their visit for the day is strictly for the PRP session. There is not enough time during the 3-4 minute pre-PRP consultation session with Dr. Donovan for patients to discuss other treatments they are doing in conjunction with their PRP treatment. All patients should note that a separate appointment is required and separate fees for a follow up appointment would apply.  It is not possible for Dr Donovan to review and discuss a patient's blood tests, supplements, diagnosis and make modifications to treatment plans etc at each PRP visit. A separate appointment is required. We recommend that patients have a follow up appointment yearly in order to determine if other treatments are appropriate.

14. Platelet rich plasma injection appointment WITH SAME DAY follow up appointment ($ 2150)

  • PRP treatments are typically 60 minute in duration. Most of the 60 minutes is spent with our nurses. Even though Dr. Donovan performs all the injections, only 5 minutes of face to face consultation time is spent with Dr Donovan during a typical PRP session. Time is not allocated during the PRP appointment for review of other treatments and review of one’s scalp health with Dr. Donovan. A follow up appointment is required to discuss other treatments and many patients will schedule a follow up appointment yearly. For patients wishing a follow up discussion and PRP on the same day we recommend booking the 20-30 minute follow up appointment before the PRP session. 

15. Hair Collections - $ 175 per collection  

  • Hair collections are performed by patients for assessing hair shedding abnormalities - especially assessing androgenetic alopecia vs telogen effluvium and for following patients with telogen effluvium. Hairs are collected by patients at home and assessed and analyzed by our team. Hair numbers and lengths are measured and individual hairs are counted. The ratio of long hairs to short (3 cm) hairs (terminal hairs to short vellus) provides and total number of hairs provides valuable information on the patient's underlying diagnosis and response to treatment.  

  • Please allow 6 weeks for processing from the date we receive your order form. 

  • Download the Order Form

  • The Hair Collection fee is for analysis of your sample and generation of the report by the clinic.  We require payment before the hair collection is sent for analysis. Please make sure that payment is made at the time you submit your Hair Collection to avoid delays in receiving your results. The report will be sent by e-mail to patients within 6 weeks. The fee of $ 175 does not include discussion and interpretation of the report with Dr. Donovan. This is generally done at the next follow up appointment. However, if you wish a discussion sooner than this please discuss with our team. 

  • If you wish to speak to Dr. Donovan about your Hair Collection results, please let our office know that you would like to book a follow up appointment.

  • A hair collection can only be submitted by a patient who is currently enrolled as a patient (meaning their first appointment has been completed). We do not analyze hair collections from patients submitting samples ahead of their first appointment.  We do not analyze hair collections for members of the general public. 


16. Hair Collection with Follow up Phone Call to Review Results - $ 175 + $ 250 ($425) 

  • The fee for the hair collection analysis does not include the fee to speak to Dr Donovan about the results. We strongly encourage patients to book a follow up phone appointment to review results. In some cases, Dr. Donovan may advise that this is not necessary as the hair collection serves as a helpful baseline. Results of the initial collection will be compared over time.

17.  Analysis of Submitted Hairs (1 to 100 hairs) - $ 95 per collection  

  • If you would like to better understand the types of hairs you are losing, simply mail them to use with the attached form. Analyses will be performed on up to 100 hairs. Some patients will send one hair, others will send 100. You will be send a report outlining the percentage of anagen, telogen and dystrophic anagen hairs in the samples. 

  • Please note that this type of analysis is appropriate for patients who wish to know the types of hairs they are losing from the scalp and for those who are concerned that hairs lost from the scalp may be atypical. This form is not appropriate for diagnosing androgneetic alopecia and chronic telogen effluvium through a hair collection.  If that type of testing was discussed and recommended by Dr. Donovan, a different form should be used (i.e. see above).

  • Please allow 6 weeks for processing from the date we receive your order form. 

  • Download the Order Form

  • This fee does not include the fee to review results with Dr Donovan. The fee for a follow up phone call to review results out be $ 250


18. Fees for Phone or Email Communication with Another Specialist

  • Many of patients come from abroad and see us only once in the clinic. Dr. Donovan is pleased to review your file and discuss your hair loss with other specialists by phone or email at any time within 3 months of your appointment. There are no additional fees billed to you for Dr. Donovan to speak to you doctors. There is a limit of 2 calls per year without fee. Additional calls are billed back to the patient at a rate of $ 425 per call. Dr. Donovan reserves the right to deem such communication appropriate or inappropriate. For example, a patient who feels that Dr Donovan should have a yearly conversation (check in, update) with his or her own physician about their hair loss issues may not have their request granted. This is especially true is a faxed letter may be just as appropriate in this situation. However, if Dr Donovan feels that a call is appropriate given SPECIFIC issues in question related to a somewhat more complex case - such a call between Dr Donovan and the doctor will be organized. Dr Donovan contacts physicians around the world on a daily basis about patients and will advise you if such a call is appropriate or not. It may not be in all situations and we ask patients to respect this. Follow up calls back to the patient are not done (ie. patients are not called back by Dr Donovan or his team to review how the call between him and the doctor went).

  • Patients are required to complete our consent form (see below) for Dr. Donovan to discuss your file with another specialist:  


  • Dr. Donovan will not consult with any physician or specialist prior to your first appointment. 

  • Patients who require Dr. Donovan to have ongoing dialogue with a particular specialist will be required to have a follow up appointment with Dr. Donovan at minimum every 6 months. It is imperative that Dr. Donovan understand your progress, and any changes in your health if ongoing advice is to be given. 


19. Appointment Cancellation Fee


20. Completion of Letters and Forms (Employment Forms, School Forms, Insurance Forms, Medication Forms)

  • Our office is happy to provide letters and complete forms for patients as they related to school, or work or insurance.

  • There is a fee of $ 150 per letter or form document. (A three page form would still be billed at $150)

  • Letters are ONLY provided for patients who have been evaluated by Dr. Donovan within the past 3 months. For example, if a patient was seen 6 months ago by our clinic and requires Dr. Donovan to write a letter for school or work or for the purpose or insurance, a follow up appointment with Dr. Donovan will be required. Otherwise, a letter will not be provided for the simple reason Dr. Donovan does not know the patient's current health status and it would be generally inappropriate and/or unethical for him to comment on it. Dr. Donovan treats the completion of forms very seriously and will not complete forms without proper steps being completed.

  • To request a specific form to be completed by Dr Donovan, please complete our Request for Completion of Forms

21. Request for Records

  • Our office is happy to fax your chart (previous consult notes, etc) to any physician’s office without fee

  • There is a fee of $ 0.10 per page for documents faxed to insurance companies, for legal matters or for any other third party matter that is not a medical practioner involved in your medical care.

  • To request your chart to be faxed to a third party, please complete our Request for FAXING my Chart to Third Parties

22. Reprinting of Invoices

  • Official invoices are provided to patients at the end of each appointment.

  • Our office is happy to reprint up to 5 lost or misplaced invoices. There is a fee of $10 per invoice beyond five invoices. We encourage all patients to hold on to their receipts after the appointment.

  • To request one or more invoices to be reprinted, please complete our Request for Invoice Reprinting Form


a) Local tax (5%) is collected on the above fees. For Canadian patients living outside BC having remote consultations tax, is charged according to the province where the patient lives. For example, an Ontario patient have a remote consultation would be charged 13 % tax as HST in Ontario is 13 %

b) Dr. Donovan's clinic is private.  Our clinic does not participate in the provincial health plan in the province of British Columbia and Dr. Donovan does not bill funds through the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Patients with separate health insurance (i.e. work related insurance or other insurance), may wish to contact their individual insurance companies to discuss whether a portion or all of the appointment related fees will be covered prior to their appointment with Dr. Donovan. Fees for appointments are not reimbursable under provincial health plans. There are fees for all follow up appointments and all blood tests, biopsies, swabs ordered through our clinic


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