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The HairMax LaserComb

The HairMax Laser Comb has been studied from over a decade and was cleared for sale in 2011. The HairMax LaserComb is manufactured by Lexington International, LLC based in Boca Raton, Florida. The device is a hand held device and used 8-15 minutes three times per week. A number of "HairMax" products are available and the company recommends using each for varying amounts of time.  The teeth of the comb help to part the hair and allows the laser light to reach the scalp. The laser comb beeps every four seconds to tell the user to move the device to a new part of the scalp.


How does it work?

According to the company, the device works by dilating blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to hair follicles. Subcellular mitochondrial changes may be relevant.  The HairMax LaserComb emits a wavelength of approximately 660 nm.  This is in the red wavelength spectrum and accounts for the red color of light emiited when the device is turned on.   


Is it effective?

The HairMax LaserComb received US 510(k) clearance by the FDA. This type of clearance required the company to present the FDA with data that the device was both safe and effective.  This data came from a large 6 month study conducted at four centres in the United States. These studies showed that 93 % of men experienced and increase in the number of terminal "thick" hairs. (Terminal hairs are typically studied because it is these hairs that provide density.) The study showed that individuals using the LaserComb had an increase in 19 hairs per square centimetre compared to a decreased in 10.6 hairs per square centimeter in individuals use the sham device (control device). Importantly, there were no serious adverse reactions in those using the comb. 

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HairMax Laser Comb for Treating of Hair Loss in Women

On June 6, 2011, The US Food and Drug Administration cleared the HairMax to treat female pattern hair loss (female androgenetic alopecia).  A multi centre study (clinical trial) showed that it was safe and effective in treating hair loss in women.   


The Hair Max Laser Comb can be purchased at our office for $400 plus HST.  Click here to order.

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