PROGRAM FOR THE Evaluation and management of COMPLICATIONS following hair transplantation 

(also referred to as the Post op Complications Clinic or 'POCC')  


The purpose of the  Post operative Complications Clinic (POCC) is to provide hair transplant patients with advice on the reasons for a particular phenomenon they may have experienced after their hair transplant and to provide treatment options. We work with hair transplant physicians around the world to provide diagnostic expertise as well as options for treatment.

We evaluate and treat a variety of post operative complications, including:

1. lichen planopilaris

2. folliculitis decalvans

3. chronic infection

4. chronic folliculitis

5. scalp neuralgias


Recent Publications by Dr Donovan on Post operative complications

Donovan J. Lichen planopilaris after hair transplantation: report of 17 cases. Dermatol Surg. 2012 Dec;38(12):1998-2004.




1. What type of complications can occur after a hair transplant?

Overall, complications are quite rare. However, we have been a referral centre for many years and have come to see a wide range of post operative complications. These include scarring alopecias, other inflammatory alopecias, infections, vascular complications, chronic folliculitis and irritation  and chronic neuralgias and persistent pain syndromes. 


2. How does one determine the reason that a particular complication has occurred?

In some cases, the reason is obvious simply by examining the scalp, or listening to the patient's story. In other cases, a biopsy is needed to further evaluate the cause of the phenomenon that is being reported. Some patients come to us already knowing the reason for the complication they have experienced and are looking for help with how best to treat it. 


3. How do I make an appointment?

You may wish to complete the consultation request form as a first step. Once our office receives your form, a team member will reach out to you with appointment details. We always appreciate if your surgeon can provide a letter outlining your treatment to date. If a biopsy or blood tests have been done, please fax these two the office at (604) 648-9003. 



Post operative Complications Clinic (POCC)  

In Vancouver,  consultations are conducted on site at:

Donovan Medical - Whistler

4370 Lorimer Road - Suite 334B

Whistler, BC

V0N 1B4

Phone: (604) 283-1883







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