Comprehensive Consultations  

A  Non surgical Program for Men with Hair Loss


Comprehensive Consultations. For Men. 

Dr. Donovan provides comprehensive consultations for diagnostic and treatment advice at the Whistler Clinic.  Consultations are 35-45 minutes in duration and involve a detailed evaluation of the causes of hair loss and all surgical and non surgical treatments available for the particular type of hair loss. We recommend strongly that all patients complete Dr. Donovan's pre-visit questionnaire prior to the appointment. 

A variety of FDA approved and off label non surgical treatment options are available for men with male pattern hair loss including finasteride, dutasteride, minoxidil, low level laser, platelet rich plasma, rosemary extracts, pumpkin seed oil and supplements. Patients are re-evaluated by Dr. Donovan every 9-15 months. Individuals deemed good candidates for surgical treatment (hair transplantation) are referred to hair transplant surgeons. 


MU25™ Program. A Unique Program for Men Under 25.

The MU25™ is a highly unique program designed specifically for men under 25 years of age who are experiencing hair loss. 10 % of all men will develop genetic hair loss in their 20s. Emotionally, this can be extremely distressing and 'quick-fixes' are sought by many men. Many young men seek out hair transplantation as an option for improving their hair density, but surgical options are rarely, if ever, a good option for a man in his early 20s. Most men in their early 20s are not good candidates for hair transplantation. MU25™ is designed to recognize and address the needs and concerns of the young man with male pattern balding. The MU25™ program offer advice on the appropriate timing of hair transplant surgery, appropriate advice on non-surgical options for hair loss as well as advice on health issues known to be relevant to the young man with early-onset male balding



Recent Publications by Dr Donovan on Male Hair Loss

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Comprehensive Consultations for Men - Whistler 

In Whistler, comprehensive consultations are conducted at the Donovan Medical office on Lorimer Road. To set up an appointment, please contact the office. 

Donovan Medical - Whistler

4370 Lorimer Road - Suite 334B 

Whistler, BC

Phone: (604) 283-1887


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