A clinic for patients with scalp issues not directed related to hair loss


In addition to hair loss, our clinic sees children and adults with a variety of scalp issues - some of which are unrelated to hair loss.  Many patients don't have hair loss, but have 'something' affecting their scalp. These may lead to them having questions such as:

What is this bump on my scalp? What is this rash on my scalp?

Why is my scalp itchy?  Why is my scalp flaky/scaly?

Why is my scalp red?  

Why do I get these pimples?


 We treat a variety of conditions including seborrheic dermatitis, eczemas,  pityriasis amiantacea, scalp psoriasis, folliculitis, and scalp rosacea.   



How do I make an appointment for a scalp issue?

To make an appointment, simply contact us.


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