Dr. Donovan provides Skype and phone consultations for individuals requesting a 'second opinion' for their current diagnosis or treatment plan.  Remote consultations are not for everyone - as STRICT criteria must be met to qualify for a remote consultation (see below). We do not set up remote consultations for patients who do not meet the criteria outlined below. This is to ensure that patients receive advice that is appropriate. Remote consultations are NOT simply appointments for patients who can't make it to Whistler to see Dr. Donovan - they are very specific appointments for patients who are looking for help following completion of blood tests, scalp biopsies and assessment by other physicians. We currently approve less than 10 % of patients who enquire about having a remote consultations.  We ask that patients respect our criteria as we understand when a remote consultation is appropriate and when it is not.

Phone and Skype consultations are typically very detailed and take 40-45 minutes (sometimes longer). Skype consultations are strictly one time appointments for Dr. Donovan to provide a second opinion. The only exception to this rule is patients with alopecia areata. Follow up consultations (i.e. additional skype or phone appointments) in the future are NOT possible (except alopecia areata).  Patients wishing to become long term patients of Dr. Donovan must see him either first in his office in Whistler or as the second follow up appointment after the initial skype consultation. 



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All patients interested in a possible skype consultation are invited to compete the form below as a first step and submit photos and previous blood test results.  Once we receive these, our office will contact you.

In order to have a skype consultation, patients must CURRENTLY be under care of a physician for their hair loss as most patients generally return to the care of that physician after their appointment with Dr. Donovan. Skype and phone consultations are generally one-time consultations - meaning that follow up appointments at various intervals in the future are not possible. Patients interested in becoming long term patients of Dr. Donovan's practice should FIRST request a formal in person (office visit) through the Whistler office. Thereafter, skype and phone consultations may be possible as means of follow up, but all patients of the practice MUST be seen first at the Whistler office for assessment.


PLEASE NOTE: After we receive your Appointment Request Form (see below for the form), we will reach out to you to request your blood tests, photos and questionnaire. These will be reviewed by Dr. Donovan. Depending on the information provided, we may or may not be able to offer you a skype/phone consultation. Some patients can only be properly evaluated with an in person examination (office visit). We reserve the right to decline requests for skype consultations. In certain situations, an in person examination of the scalp is the only way to diagnose hair loss. Dr. Donovan will tell you whether this is needed after reviewing your photos, blood tests and questionnaire. 



All patients requiting a remote consultation with Dr. Donovan MUST ensure that they meet the following five criteria. We regret we are unable to accept requests for appointments unless these five criteria are met:


1. PATIENT HAS SEEN A PHYSICIAN BEFORE ABOUT HAIR LOSS AND IS CURRENTLY UNDER THEIR CARE. Patients requesting a second opinion consultation from Dr. Donovan must presently be under the care of a physician (dermatologist, family physician, hair restoration physician) and has received a diagnosis as to the cause of their hair loss. If a patient has never received a diagnosis by a physician and is starting their journey to understand the cause of their hair loss, we are not an appropriate starting point. Dr. Donovan generally provides advice to patients via "second opinion consultations" who have more complex questions or issues. Skype consultations are usually not an appropriate starting point for someone who has never seen a physician before. The physician who is presently providing care will normally see the patient in follow up to assist in implementing the recommendations. We strongly encourage all patients to discuss whether or not a second opinion (remote) consult is appropriate with their own physician(s) before finalizing an appointment with Dr. Donovan. Although a dermatologist may be familiar with the types of treatments Dr. Donovan may recommend, a non-dermatologist might not be.

2. ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE SUBMITTED TO OUR OFFICE. We require our online questionnaire to be completed a the time of making a request for a remote consultation. We sincerely regret that if we have not received your questionnaire 1 week prior to the appointment, we regret we will need to re-schedule the appointment. There are no exceptions. 

3. BLOOD TESTS ARE FORWARDED TO OUR OFFICE. Patients MUST submit any blood tests or biopsy results to our office NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE APPOINTMENT. For a list of blood tests we need, please see our REQUIRED BLOOD TESTS.  Please gather all previous blood test results (in the past 2 years if possible), previous scalp biopsy reports, consult notes from other hospital/clinic appointments and fax to our office at (604) 648-9003 or email to If we do not have blood test results 1 week prior to the appointment, we regret we will need to re-schedule the appointment.There are no exceptions.   If you haven't had blood tests done, there is a good chance you are not quite a good fit for what constitutes an appropriate second opinion consultation. 

4. A SCALP BIOPSY HAS BEEN DONE (except for patients with alopecia areata) AND RESULTS ARE FORWARDED TO OUR OFFICE. We generally provide second opinion skype consultations for situations that are a bit more complex.  Because of this, we require scalp biopsy for all skype consultations to have been done and we need to have results sent to us. If you haven't had a scalp biopsy, there is a good chance you are not quite a good fit for what constitutes an appropriate second opinion consultation - but feel free to contact our office directly to enquire. The only exception to this requirement are patients with alopecia areata. A previous scalp biopsy is NOT needed for patients who have been diagnosed with alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis and wish to book a remote consultation with Dr. Donvoan.  Be sure to state this if you are requesting a second opinion type consultation and your diagnosis is alopecia areata. All other consult requests require biopsy results to be sent to us before approving a consult request. 

5. PATIENT SUBMITS PHOTOS TO OUR OFFICE. We require photos submitted to our office before confirming if we can offer you a Skype consultation or phone consultation. These can be uploaded in the form below or emailed to our office or mailed/couriered to our office.



Fee: $ 875

Duration: 45-60 minutes (please set aside this time when planning your appointment)

Please note:  We require payment AT LEAST one week prior to the appointment. For example, if your appointment is Jan 14, we require payment for the appointment by Jan 7. If we do not receive confirmation of payment, the appointment will be cancelled and we will need to rebook another date. Please note that this is a strict policy. 





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