Improving Eyebrow Growth: Does Bimatoprost (LATISSE®) Help?


Loss of eyebrows is common. A previous article reviewed a range of treatment strategies for eyebrow loss. These include topical medicines, like minoxidil and bimatoprost, as well as hair transplantation.

Bimatoprost is an interesting medication.  It is used for the treatment of glaucoma, an eye disease which leads to elevated eye pressures. Recently, it has found a new use – in the treatment of hair loss. The product is available by prescription under the name LUMIGAN® (used to treat glaucoma)  and LATISSE® (used to stimulate eyelash growth).  Both LUMIGAN® and LATISSE® contain the ingredient bimatoprost.

Chemically, bimatoprost is classified as prostaglandin analogue. Bimatoprost binds to prostaglandin receptors in the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth.  Several hair specialists including myself, have occasionally used this medication for patients with eyebrow loss. This is known as an “off-label” use as the drug is not formally approved for this use. Bimatoprost is formally approved for eyelash regrowth.

Doctors from Miami recently published an interesting report of two patients who achieved an improvement in their eyebrow density using bimatoprost solution.

Elias MJ et al. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 % for eyebrow growth. Dermatol Surg 2011; 37: 1057-59

Both patients used one 2.5 mL container each month and applied the medication nightly to each eyebrow. One patient, a 52 year old man had results after 16 weeks and the second patient, a 46 year old woman had results after 12 weeks. These two patients did not experience any side effects.

This is an exciting report and calls for more studies to be done to evaluate the use of bimatoprost (LATISSE®) in the treatment of eyebrow loss.


Elias MJ et al. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 % for eyebrow growth. Dermatol Surg 2011; 37: 1057-59.


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