How do women's eyelashes change with Age?


How do eyelashes change with age?

Have you ever wondered what happens to eyelashes with age. Well, a recent study set out to examine changes in eyelashes among 179 Asian, Hispanic, White, East Indian and Black women women between ages 22 and 65.  

Key points of the study:

The authors found that THREE parameters DECREASE with age:

1) eyelash length

2) eyelash thickness

3) eyelash darkness  



This simple yet well helpful study confirms what women tell us: their eyelashes change with age. Cosmetic product such as bimatoprost (Latisse) can enhance eyelash length and thickness and sometimes darkness as well. 



Glaser et al. Epidemiologic Analysis of Change in Eyelash Characteristics with Increasing Age in a Population of Healthy Women. Dermatol Surg 2014; 40: 1208-13

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