Hair Transplantation for Donor Area Scars: Options for Further Camouflage

Options for Camouflage Hair Transplant Donor Area Scars:  


Consider the following scenario.

A patient has had a previous hair transplant by the strip procedure (follicular unit strip surgery, FUSS). He enjoys wearing his hair short. At times he notices that when he wears his hair quite short the scar is a bit more visible. He wants to reduce that visibility.


What are the options to camouflage the scar even further if he wants to wear hair short?


1. FUE into the scar

Screenshot 2014-02-09 08.36.15.png

In some patients, we can remove 25-200 grafts from surrounding areas and place them into the scar. This can help camouflage the scar. Because so few grafts are needed, we can perform this procedure with minimal downtime for the patient. 



2. Scalp Micropigmentation  (SMP)

Scalp micropigmentation is proving to be a very useful technique to tattoo scars.  SMP allows small circular dots to be placed into the scar in a manner than resembles hair follicles cut in cross section. The dots are the same color as the patient's hair and this creates a nature look.

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