What is the risk of balding if my father has hair loss?

What is the risk of developing male pattern balding if my father has hair loss?

It's challenging to 100 % predict any man's exact chances of balding. The genes for hair loss come from mom's side and dad's side and dozens of genes contribute to one's chances to develop hair loss. 

I'd like to tell you about two studies I often share with my patient's when they ask me about their chances of balding


Two Important Male Balding Research Studies

In a study of 572 men ages 16-91, young men with a balding father had a 5.5 times increased risk of balding than young men who did not have a balding father.

In another study, only 1 of the sons of 50 non balding men had Hamilton Norwood type III balding or worse. In contrast, 32 of 54 (60 %) of sons whose fathers were bald had Hamilton Norwood scale type III baldness or greater 

Having a father with balding greatly increases the chance a male with develop male pattern baldness or MPB.



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