Hair loss after brow lifts: Hair transplantation sometimes an option

Brow lifts may cause hair loss in some women

Brow lifts may cause hair loss in some women

The brow lift

In this week's blog I'd like to discuss a cosmetic procedure called the "brow lift." It's not a cosmetic procedure that I do, but a cosmetic procedure that I've come to understand. I've been performing an increasing number of hair restoration procedures on for women who developed hair loss after facial plastic surgery, including brow lifts.

A browlift (also called a forehead lift) is a cosmetic surgery procedure to help minimize the sagging or drooping of the skin around the eyebrows and above the nose. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about 70,000 people have brow lifts each year.  Patients often have a brow lift to restore the appearance of a droopy eyebrow which may give the appearance of being sad, angry or tired. 

A number of surgical technique are available nowadays for performing a brow lift including endoscopic procedure and open procedures.  Some of these procedures involve incisions placed in the eyebrow, some in the forehead and some well into the hairline.

Hair loss after brow lift

Hair loss is one of the top side effects of brow lifts done by both open and endoscopic procedures. It may occur in up to 10 % of patients undergoing these procedures.  Hair loss is often temporary but may be permanent in a very small proportion. Patients with permanent hair loss from cosmetic facial plastic surgery may be candidates for hair transplant surgery.

It is important for patients undergoing cosmetic facial procedures including brow lifts to understand the potential risks of hair loss and discuss these risks with their surgeons.



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