Can I use dutasteride if finasteride didn't help?


Dutasteride after Finasteride

Does dutasteride help individuals with androgenetic alopecia (male balding) if finasteride did not? Well, for men, the answer appears to be - yes. 

In fact, last year, Jung and colleagues from South Korea studied 31 men with male balding who took dutasteride after finasteride did not help them.  Interestingly, 77.4 % of these men improved their hair density (17 improved slightly, 6 moderately, 1 markedly).

This study suggested that dutasteride could be a good option for men if finasteride does not help.

Side effects, especially sexual dysfunction, are possible on dutasteride and this, and other side effects, should be discussed in depth before starting.


Jung et al. Effect of dutasteride 0.5 mg/d in men with androgenetic alopecia recalcitrant to finasteride. Int J Dermatol. 2014 Nov;53(11):1351-7


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