FUE - What is the maximum sized session?

How many grafts can be obtained in a single session?

In my opinion it comes down to the patient's donor characteristics, the efficiency of the team, age of the patient.

Grafts ideally need to get back in the body as soon as possible after taking them out. A big FUE case can take a lot longer than strip- meaning grafts are out of the body longer and survival is likely less. The team can be more fatigued wirh huge sessions and quality of work drops.

Survival of grafts in FUE is less than strip. Also with sessions beyond 3000, it is very likely that the surgeon is taking grafts from an area that might undergo thinning in the future. (ie too high).

If you compare the outcome of two 2500 graft procedures done one year apart to one 5000 graft procedure, you'll likely see far superior results in option 1.

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