Hair loss despite normal blood test results: what's going on?


Believe it or not, there are over 100 reasons to lose hair. For many types of hair loss the blood tests often come back normal. So, it should not really be a surprise that blood work is normal. Lots and lots of patients with hair loss have normal blood tests!

Hair loss conditions for which individuals often have normal blood work:
. androgenetic alopecia
. telogen effluvium from stress, and crash diets
. scarring alopecia
. trichotillomania
. hair loss from heat and chemical damage
. hair loss from medications

Hair loss conditions for which individuals often have abnormal blood work:
. hair loss from thyroid problems
. hair loss from low iron
. hair loss from hormonal problems, including PCOS
. hair loss from low zinc and gastrointestinal problems
. hair loss from eating disorders, including restrictive diets and anorexia nervosa

So, do I need blood work or not?

All women with hair loss need blood tests. Iron deficiency and thyroid abnormalities are so much more common in women than men. Most men with hair loss don't need blood tests, especially men with genetic hair loss (male balding).


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