Exercise after a hair transplant - when and how much?

Hitting the gym after your hair transplant

After a hair transplant, many of my patients want to get back to exercise, back to the gym and back to weights. So when is it safe?

During the first week post op, the main issues with regard to exercise is preventing sudden changes in blood pressure that could affect the grafts. During the second week the main issue is tension and stress on the donor area that could affect the healing of the donor area. 



For patients who had follicular unit extraction procedures (FUE), I advise return to light cardiovascular activity at day 8 and light weights at day 11. Heavy weights at day 14.


For patients who had strip surgery (FUSS), I advise return to lightcardiovascular activity at day 12 and light weights at day 15. Heavy weights at day 21. The main issue with FUSS type procedures is proper healing of the donor site

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