"Lonely" Hairs - What are they? What do they signify

Lonely Hairs in Hair Loss

Believe it or not, hairs can be "lonely". The term "lonely hair" is a term often used in context with individuals with a diagnosis of the scarring hair loss condition known as frontal fibrosing alopecia or "FFA". Lonely hairs can also be found in other diagnoses as well, including the closely related condition call lichen planopilaris. Even in genetic hair loss (male pattern balding and female pattern thinning), it's not uncommon for a few hairs to be outside the main area.


What exactly are lonely hairs?

Lonely hairs are single isolated hairs seen at some distance from the main groupings of hairs. Here in this photo you can see an isolated hair in the frontal hairline that is quite some distance from the main grouping of hairs.


Why are lonely hairs important?

IN conditions like frontal fibrosing alopecia, lonely hairs are important because they help with diagnosis. Also, I pay particular attention to "lonely hairs" - as their disappearance over time indicates the hair loss condition is likely 'active'. Those patients with active FFA need additional treatments if they wish to stop the disease. Hair transplants are not an option for those with active scarring alopecia  

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