Options for men with poor donor hair


What are my options if I don't have much donor hair?

Patients with insufficient donor hair density (poor donor hair density) have a few options :

1. Body hair transplantation.

  • BHT is not an option for everyone, but some men do have chest and back hair that can be moved. Body hair transplants are challenging as the removal of grafts can be challenging. But in the properly selected patient it can loos great. 


2. Hair systems.

  • Hair systems, when properly selected can look great too. Choosing a company that specializes in hair systems for men is important. Often the scalp is shaved and the human hair system is attached to the scalp with adhesive. I've been very impressed by many patient's systems. 


3. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

SMP involves the tattooing of small circular "dots" on the scalp with tattoo inks. The goal is to created the same look as when the hair on the scalp is shaved. When done well, it can look outstanding for men who wish to wear the hair very short (shaved look).

Dr. Jeff Donovan is a Canadian and US board certified dermatologist specializing exclusively in hair loss. To schedule a consultation, please call the Whistler office at 604.283.1887

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