How common are musculoskeletal problems among hair transplant surgeons?

MSK Issues in Surgeon. 

Musculoskeletal concerns among hair transplant surgeons have not been the focus of significant study. Injuries are talked about among colleagues but numbers have not been collected. 

To explore the frequency, exact nature and extent of possible injuries,  a questionnaire which was e-mailed to 100 surgeons practicing in the hair transplant field more than 5 years. 38 surgeons completed the study, and most who did were males between 50-69 years of age. 50 % reported musculoskeletal issues during or after the procedure, including both pain and fatigue. The reported frequency of pain and fatigue was higher for FUE than FUT (strip) procedures and lasted longer during FUE than strip procedures.

Two thirds of surgeons indicated that they had moderate/severe pain during FUE procedures, compared to one third of surgeons during strip excision procedures. Seventy-five (75%) percent of surgeons indicated they had moderate/severe pain immediately after FUE procedures compared to 29% of surgeons immediately after strip excision procedures.  Moreover, one-third of hair restoration surgeons had pain, fatigue or discomfort lasting more than 12 hours after a procedure.  

Only 30 % of surgeons used any type of ergonomic support such as an ergonomic chair. 



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