Androgenetic Alopecia and Teloqen Effluvium: Dual diagnoses Common

AGA and TE

Recognizing whether a patient has genetic hair loss or telogen effluvium ... or both .... often requires listening to the patient's story about their hair loss in addition to examining the scalp and looking at the blood test results.

Many women have both.


Differentiating between AGA & TE

AGA often shows hair loss in regions rather than all over although it can certainly be all over. AGA is fundamentally characterized by hair follicle "miniaturization." The hair follicles get skinnier - this is not a feature of TE. Telogen effluvium is characterized by diffuse loss and waves of regrowth. Empty tracts where a hair once was found and upright regrowing hairs characterize TE. Patients with TE often have a trigger such as low iron, thyroid problems, nutritional issues, crash diets, stress or medications that lead to the shedding. Shedding in TE is more pronounced than in AGA.

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