Telogen Effluvium

Understanding Telogen effluvium (TE)

TE is a from of hair loss whereby the affected individual experiences higher than normal levels of hair shedding day to day.  For example, instead of losing 40, 50 or 90 hairs in a given day (i.e. what is considered normal shedding) individuals experiencing telogen effluvium lose well in excess of 100 hairs on any given day.

Triggers of TE

Telogen effluvium occurs when some "trigger" causes hair follicles to leave the growing phase of the hair cycle and enter the resting phase. So, what exactly are the triggers that "send" a hair follicle out of the actively cycling (growing) phase and into the undesired shedding phase? I teach health professionals the easy to remember memory cue "SEND"



Endocrine problems
Nutritional issues

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