Benefits of a Hair Transplant

Benefits of a hair transplant 


Hair transplants are common and there are many reasons why patients undergo a hair transplant. While getting more hair is the final goal, improving the outward portrayal of a younger, more successful, attractive and approachable self are central to the motivations of those undergoing hair transplants.

Researchers at John Hopkins undertook a study to look at the perceptions of observers about patients that had received hair transplants and those who had not. 122 participants were recruited trough this web based survey. Side by side images were given of 13 paired images. Participants rated the images according to perceived age, attractiveness, successfulness and approachability.

Interestingly, patients having a transplant were rated as younger, more attractive, more successful and more approachable.

This study reaffirms the motivations of many men to improve hair density. 





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